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Seal Sings Its Song  | Open: 02/25/05 Close: 03/19/05
Against the 1980's backdrop of the controversial seal hunts, seal sings its song explores what it means to be a victim in America. Set early in the Reagan presidency, the story follows a charismatic, but resolute man infected with a still unnamed virus, (AIDS), who spreads the mysterious disease as a means to get government attention.
woken'glacier presents...Wired (a work in progress)  | Open: 11/08/05 Close: 11/13/05
It is 2012. While the Olympics busy the minds of America and the world, Fort Bliss Penitentiary houses the four most wanted terrorists worldwide. All of whom are women. wired (a work-in-progress) takes us inside a system where beliefs un-American are sorely discouraged.