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Arcadia  | Open: 11/06/05 Close: 11/20/05
Tom Stoppard's engaging tale is equal parts mystery, comedy, and romance, set in two different time periods. In 1809 England, the roving eye of a rakish tutor causes him to be challenged to a duel, while his 13-year-old charge may have discovered the ultimate fate of the universe. Meanwhile in the present day, scholars pour over faded records to uncover what really happened nearly 200 years earlier. The stories from past and present echo and intertwine, as all involved search for hope and meaning in literature, in science, in art, and in each other.

The production is an Equity Showcase

Information: www.qedproductions.org

Scenes from an Execution  | Open: 05/25/07 Close: 06/10/07
In 16th-century Venice, a renowned artist (and notorious libertine) is commissioned by the government to paint a huge canvas depicting the Christian victory over the Islamic Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. However, rather than glorifying the war, she paints an indictment of it - a scene of death, destruction and mutilated survivors. The government is not pleased, and the painter must face the consequences of her choice. In addition to the struggle between artistic vision and censorship, Barker's play implicates the apathy of society at large as it poses unsettling questions about the real power of art.