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Lynch PLAY  | Open: 03/25/05 Close: 04/24/05
Lynch PLAY begins when a historical drama playing in the East Village is interrupted by a minstrel in blackface named Willie D. He decides to impose himself as narrator for the interrupted play, much to the actors' chagrin, and provide his own colorful interpretation of America's racial history. Both Blacks and Whites are held up for laughs and dissection in Willie D's impromptu narrative while the bewildered actors try their professional best to have the show go on, despite the antics of the black clown.
"Why segregated seating?" says Lynch PLAY director Jaime Robert Carrillo, "Dividing the audience is a manifestation of the unresolved racial divide in today's society. Inside of this racial divide there exists fear, stereotyping, guilt, and anger all wrapped up in silence."
The Dickens  | Open: 12/01/05 Close: 12/17/05
The grimiest of criminals gather together for a holiday season meeting called by a mysterious character, named Lightbearer. The true meaning of the holiday spirit is brought to light in The Dickens, a holiday Western and comedy.

The cast features: Brian Shaer, Rich Renner, Johanna Bon, Shaka Malik, Jorge Luis Casanova-Alvarez, Izzy Ruiz, and Jessica Pagan. The play is directed by Jaime Robert Carrillo, and written by Michael Scott-Price. The show includes Bill Pierce as set designer, Chris Manning as light designer, Kit Stolen as Costume Designer, and the sound design by Matt O'Hare.

Venus In Furs  | Open: 09/30/05 Close: 10/16/05
Venus in Furs is the story by von Sacher-Masoch detailing his suprasensual fantasies so infamous that the word masochism was coined by the German psychologist Krafft-Ebing to sum up his dirty deeds.