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Mercury  | Open: 11/06/05 Close: 11/14/05
Spiral Inc. presents a Bare Bones Production
Two One Acts by Donald Margulies  | Open: 03/26/06 Close: 03/27/06
L.A. & Pitching to the Star

"In L.A. a washed-up young movie star explains to a willing fan in a bar how he went from a happy, married young novice to a wealthy, gambling, overnight sensation and back to hungry, divorced wanna-be who only wants to recapture his original dream of having "enough" and being married for life."

"When Peter finally gets a good break for his Hollywood script, he finds himself Pitching to the Star of the pilot show. Promised control over something he's worked long and hard on, he finds his integrity and his storyline attacked every time the star makes a suggestion to completely change his script and make the lead character exactly like herself."
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