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23 Knives  | Open: 01/11/09 Close: 02/07/09
In 44 B.C., the fate of the Roman Republic hangs in the balance. The most powerful man in the world, Julius Caesar, lies dead in the Theatre of Pompey, as politicians and military men ambitiously move to fill the void of power. Marcus Antonius summons the physician Antistius to uncover the truth about the assassination through a Greek technique called "autopsy”. But as Antistius discovers more about the crime, the real truth becomes harder to find. Inspired by history's only mention of Antistius in Seutonius's The Twelve Caesars, 23 Knives utilizes contemporary language to weave a darkly comic mystery about politics, patriotism, and the nature of truth.

Cast includes: Brian D. Coats (FOR FLOW, “Sopranos,” “Law & Order: SVU”), Todd Alan Crain (“Important Things With Demetri Martin,” The Producers: The Movie Musical), Rafael Jordan (“Wraiths of Roanoke”), Patrick Melville (My Brother's War, Crazy for the Dog) and Ryan Tramont (Crazy for the Dog, My Brother's War). Creative team includes: Sarah B. Brown (Scenic Design), Sidney Shannon (Costume Design), Pamela Kupper (Lighting Design), Nick Moore (Original Music and Sound Design).

Caesar and Cleopatra  | Open: 01/11/09 Close: 02/07/09
Four years before Julius Caesar sailed to Rome to meet his untimely end, the great leader sought to conquer the outer reaches of the land, always questing for a kindred spirit to rival his own. What he finds, sitting on top of an ancient Egyptian Sphinx, is a young Queen Cleopatra, who beguiles him not only with her beauty, but because she may be the very match he's been seeking. Shaw's witty, satirical masterpiece personalizes the political relationship between an occupying force and a foreign power, and demonstrates that modern civilization has done little to advance the basic nature of the human soul.

Cast includes: Pun Bandhu (Film: Burn After Reading, Ugo's Last Dance), Alberto Bonilla (Resonance’s The Cherry Orchard, Film: My Best Friend’s Girl), Chris Ceraso (On the Road to Ruin, “Hot for Teacher”), Michael Chmiel (EST Perfect & Constant , “The Bronx is Burning”), Rand Guerrero (Richard III), Christopher Hayes, Rafael Jordan (“Wraiths of Roanoke”), Jon Levenson (Gaslight, The Hairy Ape), Geraldine LiBrandi (“The Sopranos”), Joe MacDougall (Tom Cruise Get Off the Couch), Sophie Maerowitz (The Actor’s Practicum), Brad Makarowski (Our Country’s Good) , Jessica Myhr (“All My Children,” The Cherry Orchard), Wrenn Schmidt (Broadway’s Come Back Little Sheba), Sarah Stockton (Time of Your Life), Grant James Varjas (33 To Nothing, Film: The Laramie Project), Maxwell Zener (American Girls). Creative team includes: Sarah B. Brown (Scenic Design), Michelle Eden Humphrey (Costume Design), Pamela Kupper (Lighting Design), Robert C. Rees (Original Music), Nick Moore (Sound Design).

The Mail Order Bride & The Imaginary Invalid  | Open: 10/27/06 Close: 11/19/06
the world-premiere of Charles L. Mee's new comedy
THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, Directed by Eric Parness

in repertory with a play that inspired it,

Molière's final satire
Directed by Rebecca Patterson

THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE is Charles L. Mee's tribute to the writings of Molière. Inspired by THE IMAGINARY INVALID (as well as other plays by Molière, Wycherley, and Aristophanes) the new comedy set in modern-day Brooklyn revolves around Argan, an older hypochondriac who orders up a young Asian bride much to the outrage of his family and friends. But when a handsome young caterer arrives on the scene, the bride must choose between loyalty and love, and Argan is forced to learn the difference between growing old and growing up.

THE IMAGINARY INVALID is Molière's satirical look at the medical profession. As Argan (the "invalid")'s financial circumstances collapse under the weight of excessive medical bills, made by his own fears and by the unscrupulous behavior of his two physicians, he decides to marry his daughter off to one of his doctors in return for a lifetime of free medical treatments. The idea meets opposition, though, when it becomes clear that the young lady's affections lie elsewhere. Soon the entire household is involved in an elaborate, uproarious plot to save true love.

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The Tempest & La Tempstead  | Open: 10/07/05 Close: 10/30/05
A new 90-minute three-man adaptation of William Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST
Adapted and Directed By Victor Maog

The Tempest is Shakespeare's magical and mysterious final play. It tells the story of a banished Prospero who controls his island-prison, its visitors, and its inhabitants by mixing reality and illusion to create a world in which nothing is as it seems. Victor Maog's new ninety
minute adaptation, in which three actors play all of Shakespeare's roles, concentrates on the play's themes of imprisonment, longing, and love.


the world premiere of
By Larry Loebell

Directed by Eric Parness

LA TEMPESTAD - a contemporary romantic fantasy sets Prospero on the tropical island of
Vieques, Puerto Rico in self-imposed exile where he practices the antiquarian arts. After a stormy crossing, three couples - including Prospero's daughter Miranda and her fiancé Ferdinand - are swept up in the island's history of passion, politics and magic. As U.S. military
pilots practice for the invasion of Iraq in the unpredictable skies overhead, each couple ponders the prospects of marriage and tests the limits of their love. La Tempestad is performed in English.