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Deathwatch and The Maids  | Open: 10/28/05 Close: 11/20/05
The all-male Egress Company presents two works by Jean Genet in rotating repertory.

The Maids follows two sisters through their grotesque and ritualistic impersonations of their employer and subsequent designs to destroy her.

Deathwatch explores the hierarchy of crime underlying the twisted relationships between three prison convicts. In their feverish competition to outdo one another, two inmates will stop at nothing, even murder, to win the admiration of the highest-ranking criminal in the cell.

The Trial  | Open: 02/09/07 Close: 03/03/07
The Trial tells of Joseph K., the chief executive officer of a large bank who is awakened one morning to find that he has been placed under arrest for a crime of which he is ignorant. His arrest sets in motion a series of encounters with a corrupt and absurd legal system, its officials and associates, as Joseph K. struggles to defend his innocence