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Hanjo Redux  | Open: 02/03/06 Close: 02/12/06
A forlorn performer, Aura, locks herself in a room and decides to abandon life as she awaits her true love's return. A woman named Hannes becomes smitten with Aura and convinces the romantic to go away with her, but secretly contrives to prevent Aura from ever reuniting with her lover!

HANJO REDUX demonstrates how tortuous life can be when we no longer have the power to perceive or to express love, and yet have the insatiable desire to possess it. Directed by Kameron Steele, HANJO REDUX is an experimental work in Spanish and English, translated from Japanese and radically adapted by The South Wing, an international theatre company comprised of artists from Mexico, the USA, Argentina and Belgium.

The Big Bad Hour of Fun: A Monthly Cabaret for Clowns & Eccentrics  | Open: 10/22/05 Close: 10/22/05
Come check out the hippest lo-fi variety cabaret around. Once a month Captain Napkin (Lecoq graduate Alex Kipp) hosts New York's best and brightest clown, buffoon, mask, dance, puppetry, music & eccentric performers as they share their new material in a skewed drawing room designed by Patrick Cadenhead. Each month offers a different lineup that will captivate you, tickle your funny bone, and/or knock your theatrical socks off.

Oct. 22's Lineup features:
• Clown by Audrey Crabtree
• Clown by Eric Davis (a.k.a. The Red Bastard)
• Comedy by Aimee German
• Eccentric Performance by Dave Gochfeld

Reminder: There will be no show in November.
The next episode will take place Sat., Dec. 17.

This Could Be Us  | Open: 10/12/07 Close: 10/13/07
Cassie Terman and Heather Harpham, improvisational performers and senior teachers of Action Theater (and joined on Saturday night by Butoh star Shinichi Iova-Koga), rouse a dreamlike and immediate world out of thin air. Combining the physicality of dancers and the narrative power of writers, Terman and Harpham create their work together spontaneously, allowing scenes and situations to develop into vividly embodied vignettes. Each night will be a new and entirely unique piece of theater, crafted in the moment.

Cassie and Heather have been performing for, or with, one another since the age of 10, most recently performing in Company So No Go's Art of Memory, presented by Ontological Hysterical Theater's INCUBATOR FESTIVAL at St. MarkÕs Church. The New York Times called their performance Òbewitching...great fun!Ó and OffOffOnline described the work as Òdisarmingly entertaining...athletic, compact, and often hypnotic.Ó