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Estrella  | Open: 11/04/05 Close: 11/20/05
A new play that deals with the haves and the have-nots, the disparity of middle-class America compared with refugees from Third World countries, in this case, El Salvador.

In "Estrella," the story centers around two women: the characters of Lisa and Estrella. The two women first meet in the early 1980s when Estrella, a refugee from the civil war in El Salvador, finds sanctuary in the child Lisa's church/safe haven in Arizona. Years later, when Lisa is a young idealist fresh from law school, Estrella comes back into her life, appearing on Lisa's doorstep and demanding that the young woman take her back to El Salvador to die. As Lisa grapples with Estrella's request, as well as the homeless woman's failing health and psyche, she revisits memories of growing up in a "sanctuary church," and the struggles of politics and faith, love and war, that defined her young life. In a larger sense, "Estrella" examines the meanings of sanctuary, hope, and freedom as it moves between these two periods in history and reveals how they affect the two women.