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Balm in Gilead  | Open: 10/27/05 Close: 11/20/05
Taking place on New York's upper Broadway, Balm in Gilead peeks into the lives and conversations of the drifters, junkies, prostitutes and hustlers who patronize an all-night coffee shop. Over the course of "a week or two" we hear, like an orchestral chorus, the wants and wishes pined for by this ragtag crew of hapless hopefuls who remain optimistic despite overwhelming reasons not to be. At the center of it all are two, young, able bodied outcasts who have cause to have hope, but in a sign of the times are the most despondant of them all.
Dog Day Afternoon  | Open: 07/16/08 Close: 08/16/08
A new play based on the fouled-up 1972 Brooklyn bank heist that became a media circus side show and made history on live T.V. and inspired the academy award winning film...