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Jake's Woman  | Open: 04/29/06 Close: 05/21/06
Although not one of his best-known works, this comedy-with-heart is one of Simon's most intriguing, dealing as it does with the life and times of a middle-aged author who employs fictionalized versions of the women he's closest to as allies and conspirators in his romantic travails. Alternately poignant and playful, "Jake's Women" contains some of Simon's most fully realized characters to date and some of his funniest wise-cracks and witticisms.
Pack of Lies  | Open: 10/29/05 Close: 11/20/05
What would you do if the government asked your help in investigating your best friends? That was the very real dilemma faced by the Jackson family when, in the late Autumn of 1960, an MI5 Agent requested the use of their home as a surveillance post for an ongoing inquiry.

Based on the true story of one of the most famous espionage cases of the Cold War era, it's a gripping study of an ordinary family thrust into extraordinary circumstances.