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Devil Land  | Open: 04/14/06 Close: 05/07/06
Based on a true kidnapping that took place in the Bronx in the late 1990's, DEVIL LAND is a gothic tale about a Super and his wife in the Bronx who kidnap a twelve year old girl who live in their building and keep her in their basement in a misguided attempt at creating a family. The little girl however has other ideas. Protected by her terrifying and perhaps not-so-imaginary friend – A fury, green monster that might remind one of a certain Dr. Seuss character, a battle of wills ensue pitting faith, family and politic against each other. DEVIL LAND is a fantastical exploration into New York City lore.
The Caterers  | Open: 10/06/05 Close: 10/30/05
In 1977, a group of Islamic radicals brought the Nation's capitol to a two-day stand still, storming several buildings and holding 120 people hostage. The act of terrorism was in response to Mohammed, Messenger of God, a film that the radical group, Hanafi, had deemed profanely offensive and sacrilegious. Twenty people were injured and a reporter was killed before hostage negotiators were finally able to end the siege. Not a single member of Hanafi had ever viewed the film.

In THE CATERERS playwright Jonathan Leaf re-imagines these events in the present day, telling the story of two caterers who become trapped in a screening room the night of the film's premiere. Cornered by an Islamic radical, whose mission is to steal the blasphemous film, the couple, held hostage along with the film's screenwriter, try to hold onto their lives and convince their captor that the film is not what it would seem. For a tense 80 minutes, the cat and mouse game ensues, as each of the four struggle to protect their art, their religion and their lives.