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Founded in 1993, the mission of EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE is to provide a dynamic home for emerging writers and artists, to develop their work from an idea to a fully realized production.

In the past 16 years, EAT has premiered over 275 new works, garnered a Drama Desk Award nomination for Capathia Jenkins in (Mis)Understanding Mammy: The Hattie McDaniel Story, received the American Theatre Wing Award for Consistent Excellence in Theatre, and was named Best Off Off Broadway Theater Company in NYC for Actors to Work With by Back Stage.

During its 2009- 2010 season, under the Artistic Direction of Paul Adams, EAT will showcase over two-dozen new works.

Schedule of Upcoming Productions

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Production History

WHY’d Ya Make Me Wear THis, Joe?  | Open: 04/28/05 Close: 05/06/05
A script-in-hand workshop, with a brief discussion after each performance. Come and be a part of the development of this new play.
(mis)UNDERSTANDING MAMMY: The Hattie McDaniel Story  | Open: 02/07/07 Close: 03/04/07
(mis)UNDERSTANDING MAMMY: The Hattie McDaniel Story is a play with music that reveals a side of Hattie McDaniel's life that few people knew. Hattie achieved stardom by becoming the first African-American to win an Academy Award, but she paid a high price for fame. By playing a succession of maids and cooks, most notably Mammy in Gone With the Wind, she became the target of an unrelenting campaign against "Mammyism" led by Walter White of the NAACP, who thought her roles were shameful and degrading to their race. Despite her own efforts to bring dignity and humanity to her roles, within seven years of winning her Oscar, her film career was virtually destroyed.

The play is set in 1952 at the Motion Picture Country Home and Hospital in Woodlands Hills, California, where Hattie is battling breast cancer. In her weakened state of mind, she imagines that Walter White has come to visit her and possibly reconcile their differences. For the first time Hattie directly confronts her most vocal critic to prove to him that she was in fact a credit to her race. In recounting her miraculous life story as the daughter of a slave who became a world-renowned movie star, Hattie proudly illuminates a life that was too often misunderstood.

2008 Fall EATfest  | Open: 11/04/08 Close: 11/16/08
EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE and PAUL ADAMS, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR present the 2008 Fall EATfest, for a two-week limited engagement at Roy Arias Theatre Center, Off-Broadway Theatre (300 West 43rd St, 5th floor, NYC). Performances begin Tuesday, November 4, 2008, and run through Sunday, November 16, 2008.

Series A
Tuesdays and Wednesday at 7 pm, Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 4:30 pm

The Sky is Falling
by Patrick Gabridge
directed by Amy Leland Hemphill
with Amy Bizjak*, Debra Lass*, Erin Tito*, Susan Wallack*

An endearing comedy about family searching for meaning in the universe.

Stripping Eden
by Wayne Paul Mattingly
directed Danielle Quisenberry
with Eilis Cahill* and Chris Henry

A poignant portrait of a boy and girl left alone.

by Staci Swedeen
directed by Janelle Lannan
with Andrea Alton*, Joseph Callari*, Jerry Alan Cole*, and Alexandra Zabriskie

A hilarious wait on the shipping line, with packing tape, chewing gum and a statue of questionable origin.

Jack Goes Up, Jack Goes Down
by Ted LoRusso
directed by Troy Miller
with Jen Morris* and Scott Raker*

An incisive look at corporate culture and the battle of the sexes.

Sharing the Pie
by Kathleen Warnock
directed by Peter Bloch
with Sara Hatfield and Russell Jordan

A bittersweet, contemporary tale of family, friends and unrequited love.

Hi Speed Disconnect
by Chris Widney
directed by Aimee Howard
with Sarah Miriam Aziz* and Dan Barnhill

A laugh out loud tale of cell phones, blind dates and foreign languages.

running time: 110 with an intermission.

Series B
Thursday and Friday at 7 pm, Saturday at 4:30 pm, Sunday at 7:30 pm

by Eric Appleton
directed by Marc Castle
with Bill Farley* and Jamie Heinlein*

A touching and comic tale of a daughter's desire for her father's affection.

Hot Line
by Lia Romeo
directed by Ned Thorne
with Bryan Kaplan, Irene Longshore, and Matt Stapleton

You never quite know who you might get on the other end of the phone.

by Andrew Rosendorf
directed by Dan Dinero
with Enid Cortés and Jason Hare*

A brother and sister delve into an intimate discussion about her attraction to a bedpost.

We Appear to Have Company
by Greg Freier
directed by John Hurley
with Ed Schultz*, Blanche Cholet*, Kevin Brofsky

A British approach to a silent intruder has international repercussions.

Negotiating A Mindfield
by John A. Donnelly
directed by Rasa Allan Kazlas
with Jane Altman*, Shannon Marie Kerr and Jacqueline Sydney*

A challenging exploration of mind, memory and poetry.

Weimar Hole
by Sara Jeanne Asselin
directed by Jonathan Warman
with Deb Armelino*, Moe Bertran*, J. Stephen Brantley, Vinnie Costa*, Maya Rosewood, Matthew Shawlin*

Two American Performance Artists find an enthusiastic crowd awaits them in a foreign country.

running time: 110 with an intermission.

Series C
Saturday and Sundays at 1 pm, Monday, November 10th at 7 pm

Old Flame
by Richard Ploetz
directed by Ian Streicher
with Ron Bopst*, Jerry Matz*, Vivian Meisner*, Jess Philips

In this moving drama, a lifetime of regrets leads a man to seek the love of his youth.

Claymont  | Open: 02/05/08 Close: 03/02/08
It's hard to come of age in any era, but some years are better than others. The late 1960's might be considered the worst.
Elephant Girls  | Open: 02/07/07 Close: 03/04/07
Elephant Girls takes place during a Kozy Kitchen party that the perfect housewife Claire decides to host for her sister (Elizabeth), her mother (Francis) and her friends (Suzie and Jasmin). After an unexpected guest (Robina Abdul—Claire's daughter's Afghani math tutor) stops by, Claire struggles to keep the party light and humorous. At first the group greets Robina with a mixture of awkwardness, forced politeness, curiosity and unconscious racism. As the humor, conversation and wine flow, they seem to work their way toward a genuine connection and understanding. It is only after a tragic accident occurs—and a subsequent attempt to cover it up—that the women learn each other's true characters. They find themselves exploring the complexities of human behavior and the consequences of their own life choices. What happens to a little girl in the absence of love? What happens when strangers half a world away take up her cause? Inspired by National Geographic's famous cover photo The Afghan Girl, Elephant Girls culminates in six women spiraling into a maelstrom of white-hot emotion that leaves their relationships forever changed.
Emerging Artists Theatre: Spring Eastfest  | Open: 03/13/07 Close: 04/01/07
The Spring EATfest is a three week short play festival where playwrights debut new, short, works which are then presented three at a time on a rotating schedule.
Fall EATFest  | Open: 10/31/06 Close: 11/19/06
EATfest is the Emerging Artists Theatre Company's semi-annual showcase of new works by emerging playwrights.
Fall Eatfest!  | Open: 10/16/07 Close: 11/04/07
Series A
The List by Kristyn Leigh Robinson, directed by Molly Marinik
Max loves football. He really loves it. But when Jenny, his wife of two years, announces that she has a date, will he realize what's really important?
With Scott Katzman and Maya Rosewood

Water and Discarded Hair by Jessamyn Fiore, directed by Kel Haney
She cuts his hair. He'll break her heart. Two people trying to finally connect after years of a unrequited passion and mistakes.
With Tracee Chimo* and Will Connell*

National Treasure by Jon Spano, directed by Derek Jamison
A malodorous occurrence forges an unlikely bond between Barry and Melissa, two strangers who meet at the Lyceum Theatre for a memorial tribute to the late, great stage actress Lydia North. As Barry and Melissa discover the deeper meanings of human frailty, secrets are revealed and illusions shattered.
With Valerie David and Marc Garber*

Tom Cruise, Get Off the Couch by Kevin Brofsky, directed by Aimee Howard
Charlie brings home Tim for a romantic tryst, probably because he thinks Tim looks like his idol, Tom Cruise. Charlie's night of fantasy, however, is sabotaged by his big friendly dog.
With Kaolin Bass*, Joe MacDougall* and Jason O'Connell*

Emily Breathes by Matt Casarino, directed by Ryan Hilliard
A young man confronts a priest in a confessional, determined to reconcile their difficult past before he leaves the country.
With Hunter Gilmore* and Greg Homison

Astray by Corey Rieger, directed by Robert Cambeiro
An eccentric senior citizen finds herself in the middle of a custody battle of the strangest proportions.
With Jane Altman*, Ron Bopst* and William Reinking*

Series B

Clothes Encounter by David Almeida and Stephen J. Miller directed by Nick Micozzi
After a chance meeting on a nude beach, a couple has their first date in clothes.
With Amy Bizjak* and Bryan Kaplan

Den of Iniquity by Patrick Gabridge, directed by Ian Streicher
Gerald sneaks off to an illicit studio where people come to try one of the most addictive of habitsâ€"writing -- until his wife comes pounding on the door.
With Andrea Alton*, Jess Phillips and Wiliam Reinking*

Layout by Richard Ploetz, directed by Paul Adams
What happens when a longtime colleague you've had an unspoken attraction to broaches the subject?
With Laura Dillman* and Nick Ruggeri*

Lucky Day by Mark Lambeck directed by Jonathan Warman
An insomniac Broadway dresser clashes with a depressed actuary on the roof of their apartment building in this offbeat comedy in which two strangers from different worlds discover they have more in common than either could have suspected.
With Wayne Henry and Karen Stanion

UnEmbalmed by Joe Byers, directed by Carter Inskeep
Two strangers grieving the same child's death must make peace with each other before either one can find peace.
With Kamran Kahn, Tim Seib and Jacqueline Sydney*

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket by Carol Mullen, directed by Ned Thorne
Adam Walker's last few inventions have been plagued with problems, and he's got a debt he can't afford to pay. But when James, the handsome "collection agent," comes by to settle Adam's account, will it be sparks or bullets that fly?
With Desmond Dutcher* and Jeff Auer

Series C

The Adventures Of by Kathleen Warnock, directed by Deb Guston
Tune in to "The Adventures of..." to join Maggie, Commander Zoron and Prince Kal as they fight for truth, justice, and the right to homoerotic subtext!
With Will Clark, Nicholas Lazzaro and Jennifer Joy Pawlitschek

For the Good of the Nation by Jeff Hollman, directed by Eric Chase
A number of government agents about to undertake a "wet" mission, an operation that will cause the deaths of people, fall into a state of confusion and chaos as they discover that the codes they have been given have been mis-remembered or are just plain wrong.
With Enid Cortes, Brian Heinds, Paul Herbig, Justin Maruri*, and Jason O'Connell*

The Gipper by Peter Levine, directed by Deb Guston
A middle-aged New York Jewish couple, married 40 years, prepare for their weekly summer picnic in Central Park but the subject of death - their deaths - intrude - somewhere between the pickled herring and the rice pudding.
With Vivian Meisner* and Peter Treitler*

Martin, Are You Mad At Me? by Colette Herbstman, directed by Samantha Manas
At a popular West Village restaurant good friends, Martin and Marilyn, are enjoying dinner. When Martin becomes outraged and offended when he overhears his waiter talking about him. Can the strength of Martin and Marilyn's friendship salvage what shreds of Martin's ego remain or is he destined to a life of ordering take-out, never to set foot in another restaurant again?
With Deb Armelino, Marc Castle* and Nicholas Lazzaro

Safe by D.W. Gregory, directed by Ian Streicher
A suburban couple fights for a sense of control over their lives as a sniper terrorizes their neighborhood with a series of random killings.
With Tom Greenman and Janelle Lannan

Pithy, Enticing, Appellation by Chris Widney, directed by Melissa Attebery
Desperate to get their clearly troubled, hopeless, loser son admitted, two nouveau riche parents shamelessly stroke the pompous, old headmaster of one of the most prestigious, inexplicably British sounding prep schools in the country.
With Jason Alan Griffin*, Jason Hare, Lue McWilliams*, Emily Mitchell and Peter Waldren

Heaven in Your Pocket  | Open: 09/16/08 Close: 09/28/08
THE NEW YORK MUSICAL THEATRE FESTIVAL (NYMF) and EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE and THE NEW YORK NEW MUSICAL THEATER FESTIVAL is pleased to announce the world premiere production of HEAVEN IN YOUR POCKET, directed by Alan Souza. HEAVEN IN YOUR POCKET will play a limited engagement as part of the New York New Musical Theater Festival at the 45th Street Theatre (354 west 45th Street). Performances begin Tuesday, September 16 and continue to Sunday, September 28.

En route to musical stardom in Nashville, The Heavenly Belles – a female family singing trio from Heaven, Oklahoma – take an unexpected detour to Kansas City where an unusual inheritance wreaks havoc with their plans. A handsome cowboy, a kindly Miss-Fixit and a "can-do" decorator all chime in with the Belles as they face the music (and each other) in this lighthearted, tuneful romp!

The production stars Lisa Asher (New York Nightlife Award, a MAC Award, and a Back Stage Bistro Award) as Celeste, stars Chuck Saculla (Bdwy: Aida and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) as Sam, stars Claire Slemmer as Grace Helen Baker.

The production features scenic design by Tim McMath, costume design by David Withrow, and lighting design by G. Benjamin Swope. Aaron Blank is the sound designer, Jenny Lee Mitchell is the Producer's representative and Jennifer Marie Russo is the stage manager.

Penny Penniworth  | Open: 02/29/16 Close: 02/29/16
The Off-Broadway Hit & New York Times Critic Pick Returns To The Stage For A One Night Only Benefit Performance For Emerging Artists Theatre!

PENNY PENNIWORTH is Charles Dickens' "lost" epic as mounted by a short-staffed theatre troupe with Royal Shakespeare Company aspirations. Set in Victorian England, it tells the story of young Penny Penniworth whose childhood love is driven out of town after nearly killing a wealthy businessman. Soon, Penny finds herself penniless, left alone to make her way through a convoluted maze of strange relationships, anonymous benefactors and ultimate justice.

This 70 minute farce features Christopher Borg, Jamie Heinlein, Lee Kaplan, and Ellen Reilly.

TICKETS $75 Includes post-show mingle with the cast & a special "Penny" cocktail and hors d'oeuvres.

The benefit performance supports Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) New Work Series. The three-week developmental festival that provides artists of different disciplines the opportunity to present one night of a "work in progress" with audience feedback. Successful Fringe, NYMF, and Off-Broadway shows have been born out of this festival, and Emerging Artists Theatre is excited to present a new round of opportunity to local artists.

Penny Penniworth  | Open: 09/08/10 Close: 10/03/10
PENNY PENNIWORTH is Charles Dickens’ "lost" epic as mounted by a short-staffed theatre troupe with Royal Shakespeare Company aspirations. Set in Victorian England, it tells the story of young Penny Penniworth whose childhood love is driven out of town after nearly killing a wealthy businessman. Soon, Penny finds herself penniless, left alone to make her way through a convoluted maze of strange relationships, anonymous benefactors and ultimate justice.

PENNY PENNIWORTH features a cast of four playing a cavalcade of comic characters: Christopher Borg, Jamie Heinlein, Jason O'Connell, and Ellen Reilly. The production features costumes by Goody, lighting by Jennifer Granrud, set by Tim McMath, music by Peter Saxe and sound by Aaron Blank.

PENNY PENNIWORTH was first presented by Emerging Artists Theatre Company in 2002. It was subsequently produced by TOSOS II in the 2003 New York International Fringe Festival.  The Off-Broadway premiere, a reworked, recast and expanded version of the FringeNYC production, opened in October 2009 and was extended twice.

Real Danger  | Open: 02/05/07 Close: 03/03/07
REAL DANGER begins with a surprise reunion between two friends nine years after graduation from college. Edward, who is en route from New York to Canada for a back-country excursion in a canoe, initiates the reunion with his friend and soccer teammate Ferdy, who is living with Vickie in Cleveland, Ohio. Edward has made contact because he needs to apologize to Ferdy for an old wrong. As the play progresses, however, Edward learns about Vickie's outstanding career as a professional photographer, a career that has taken her into dangerous places and relationships. He learns about how Ferdy and Vickie met and how they decided to become fugitives for fear that Vickie's former lover would kill them if he could find them. For Edward, the reunion moves quickly away from his original purpose and becomes a series of shocking surprises that he could not have envisioned when he made the decision to seek out his old friend.
Spring EATfest 2008  | Open: 04/15/08 Close: 05/04/08

2008 Spring EATfest
10 Premiere Plays by Emerging Playwrights



EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE and PAUL ADAMS, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR present the 2008 Spring EATFest, for a three-week limited engagement at Roy Arias Theatre Center (300 West 43rd St, 5th floor, NYC). Performances begin Tuesday, April 15, 2008, and run through Sunday, May 4, 2008.

Series A
Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 pm, Sunday at 5 pm

The Food Monologues
Food, women, what happens . . . THE FOOD MONOLOGUES.
by Kerri Kochanski
directed by Deb Guston

The Food Monologues is an experimental play that explores womens' love/hate relationships and obsessions with food. Performed by a cast of 13, this all-female play, features monologues and ensemble-driven scenes that examine body image and shame, eating disorders, weight gain/loss, societal expectations and perceptions about women and beauty. Six of the monologues have been published by Meriwether and Smith & Kraus.

Series B
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 pm, Sundays at 2 pm

Islands of Repair
Can marriage survive in a life raft?
by Leslie Bramm
directed by Melissa Attebery

A seasoned married couple try to survive being lost at sea in a rubber raft. They battle sharks, the elements, and each other . . .but will they survive?

Love, Me (Margaret)
How far will one woman go to feel loved?
by Jennie Contuzzi
directed by Kevin Brofsky

When Margaret's boyfriend breaks up with her, she reaches out to her former English teacher to learn a better way of being loved. Her teacher, serving time for the mercy killing of his wife, hardly thinks himself an expert on the subject, but Margaret disagrees. Spinning a theory based on the reports of Harry's crime, she uses her obsessed co-worker, Louis, as a test subject, and journeys to a darker place than even she imagines.

The Letter
A lovestruck executive confesses his feelings for a colleague in an e-mail, only to have his plans go horribly awry.
by Chuck Rose
directed by Rasa Allan Kazlas

Arnold, a successful but lonely executive, is desperate to confess his feelings to Rebecca, a beautiful but equally lonely co-worker. Too nervous to face her, Arnold is egged on by a sly but well-meaning assistant to reveal his feelings in an e-mail. However, small but critical mistake leads to unforeseen and comedic complications as love and technology prove to be a troubling combination.

Aaron has something important to tell his mother . . . but will she understand?
by F.J. Hartland
directed by Daniel Allan Dinero

When Aaron discovers he is dying, he seeks comfort from his mother. Unfortunately, she is unable to give him the love and support he so desperately needs. With the help of Hazel, a nurse and former high school acquaintance, Aaron attempts to make one last connection with the woman who raised him.

Series C
Thursdays and Sundays at 7 pm, Saturdays at 5 pm

"Whoever thought I'd have a 50-year-old fat man for a son?"
by Stan Lachow
directed by James Jaworski

Retired antiques dealers, Gus and Mac, spend the day antagonizing each other while sitting on a bench on the boardwalk looking out at the sea. Old hurts surface and change their relationship forever.

A surprise confrontation between a displaced Englishman and a drug addict who invades his home.
by J. Stephen Brantley
directed by Jonathan Warman

During the late hours of a summer night on the coast of eastern Long Island, a displaced Englishman and the drug addict, who breaks into his home, confront their differences and discover their secret similarities. Neither is who he seems.

A young woman takes a surrealistic journey with Huckleberry Finn down the River of No Return.
by Marc Castle
directed by Roberto Cambeiro

Melinda, a young woman in a white dress, mysteriously finds herself on a raft with Huckleberry Finn, the start of a surrealistic dream, a dream that Melinda attempts to analyze as she continues her journey following Marilyn Monroe, the Unsinkable Molly Brown, her mother, and a series of lost loves down the River of No Return.

Fast Light and Brilliant
On a lonely hotel terrace lit by a field of fireflies, two strangers ponder the nature of romance and marriage'"and the possible repercussions of a single kiss.
by Richard Martin Hirsch
directed by Ian Streicher

Following a chance meeting, two lonely strangers find they have a lot in common, including an intense attraction. But, the path to intimacy is not without obstacles. On a deserted hotel terrace, lit by a field of randy fireflies, the pair contemplates the nature of romance and marriage'"and the repercussions of a single kiss.

George & Bill are Friends
What do George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton talk about when they're alone'"or when they think they are?
by Susan West Chamberlin
directed by Molly Marinik

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton make an unlikely pair as they travel the world raising money and acting as freelance diplomats. What do they talk about when they think no one is listening?

EATFest plays the following regular schedule through Sunday, May 4, 2008:

Tuesdays at 7 pm '" Series A
Wednesdays at 7 pm '" Series B
Thursdays at 7 pm '" Series C
Fridays at 7 pm '" Series A
Saturdays at 5 pm '" Series C
Saturdays at 7 pm '" Series B
Sundays at 2 pm '" Series B
Sundays at 5pm '" Series A
Sundays at 7 pm '" Series C

Tickets are $18.00 and $10.00 with student ID/senior. For reservations, please visit www.eatheatre.org, or call 866-811-4111. Tickets may also be purchased in person half-hour prior to the performance at Roy Arias Theatre Center (300 West 43rd St, 5th floor). TDF accepted.


"Spring EATfest 2007 offers a little something for everyone: a touching domestic comedy; a drama about Iraq; and an uproarious parody of The Sound of Music."
'"Byrne Harrison, oobr.com

"In Spring EATfest 2007, three playwrights and ten actors deliver a lively evening of entertainment."
'"Jo Ann Rosen, nytheatre.com

"If the other six plays in the Spring EATfest 2007 are as good as these three (and from overheard lobby scuttlebutt, they are), it should be a good evening out".
'"Duncan Pflaster, broadwayworld.com

Spring Eatfest  | Open: 03/07/06 Close: 03/26/06
The company's semi-annual festival of new short plays.

Series A - Tue & Fri at 7pm, Sat at 5pm
My Sister the Cow by Gregory Fletcher, directed by Paul Adams with Amy Bizjak, Jason Hare and Lue McWilliams. Blackout by Vladimir Maicovski, directed by Anthony Luciano with Danny Mullock and Maureen Sebastian. Star Train by Susan Merson, directed by Melissa Atteberry with Ryan Hilliard, Yvonne Roen and Jarret Summers. Perfectly Normal Family Dinner by Matthew J. Hanson, directed by Deb Guston with Ron Bopst, Jack Herholdt, Irene Longshore, Christine Mosere and Matt Stapleton.

Series B Wed & Sun at 7pm, Fri at 9 pm
The Secret of Our Success by Staci Swedeen, directed by Derek Jamison with Patrick Arnheim, AJ Handegard and Aimee Howard. Nagasaki by Kevin Brofsky, directed by Kel Haney with Irene Glezos and Steven Hauck. Mr. Company by Marc Castle, directed by Max Montel with Deb Armelino, Jason Bowcutt and Sarah Dacey Charles.

Series C - Thu & Sat at 7 pm, Sun at 5pm
What We Talk About by Emily Mitchell, directed by Ian Streicher with Blanche Cholet, Betty Hudson, Vivian Meisner and Suzanne Savoy. The Test by Caitlin Mitchell, directed by Chris Maring with Brian Louis Hoffman, Kyle T. Jones, Maya Rosewood and Kelly Scanlon. Mom, Stoned by Bekah Brunstetter, directed by Kevin Dodd with Michele Fulves, Stacy Mayer and Rhoda Pauley.

The Sensational Josephine Baker  | Open: 09/07/10 Close: 10/03/10
The unforgettable story of the one and only Josephine Baker springs to life in this tightly woven play featuring several of Baker’s signature songs.  The story follows Josephine on her journey from conservative St. Louis, Missouri to the risqué cabarets of the Rue Pigalle, France, from little girl to showgirl. 

Howard gives voice to this uncensored and emotional tale through an array of fascinating female characters: Josephine’s domineering mother, Carrie McDonald; fellow chorus girl Lydia JonesAda “Bricktop” Smith , owner of the infamous nightclub “Bricktop’s in Montmarte…” And finally a raw, fearless portrayal of Ms. Baker herself in a series of defining moments: from the hilarious antics which rescued her from the obscurity of the chorus, to the humiliation of being shunned by a narrow-minded American public, to her life-long search for unconditional love… compelled throughout it all by an enduring passion to live life to the fullest.

About the Company: Emerging Artists Theatre Company

Founded in 1993, the mission of EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE is to provide a dynamic home for emerging writers and artists, to develop their work from an idea to a fully realized production.

In the past 16 years, EAT has premiered over 275 new works, garnered a Drama Desk Award nomination for Capathia Jenkins in (Mis)Understanding Mammy: The Hattie McDaniel Story, received the American Theatre Wing Award for Consistent Excellence in Theatre, and was named Best Off Off Broadway Theater Company in NYC for Actors to Work With by Back Stage.

During its 2009- 2010 season, under the Artistic Direction of Paul Adams, EAT will showcase over two-dozen new works.

Tonylust: The Broadway Bloodbatch of 2006  | Open: 04/21/05 Close: 06/04/05
Producer Leslie J. McMahon wants another Tony and she's gonna get her Tony and no one is going to stand in her way! This long awaited sequel to BERNADETTE AND THE BUTCHER OF BROADWAY pits producer against producer in an epic battle royale to secure the Tony Award for Best Musical. No Tony voter is safe as simple luncheons of the past have given way to press conferences, television commercials and mudslinging of the lowest degree.
Triple Threat  | Open: 02/07/06 Close: 02/26/06
"EDENVILLE": Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00 pm, Saturdays at 5:00 pm
Written by GREGORY FLETCHER and directed by TOM WOJTUNIK, "EDENVILLE" is a romantic comedy that follows Jules on his rollercoaster ride towards that promised paradise: life with Mr. Right. Just when he thought it was safe to celebrate his first anniversary with Mr. Right, he finds himself back on the single's scene in search of a concept: does Mr. Right really exist, and if so, how does one meet him exactly?

"THE KITCHEN TABLE": Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, Saturdays at 8:00 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm
Written by PETER LEVINE and directed by TROY MILLER, "THE KITCHEN TABLE" chronicles one man's coming of age between the 1950s and the present. This nostalgic 90-minute memory play, told through flashback, canvasses a life full of funny and rich memories of his Jewish childhood in Brooklyn as well as those about the sudden loss of his entire family.

"ROCK THE LINE": Thursdays at 7:00 pm, Saturdays at 2:00 pm, Sundays at 5:00 pm
In "ROCK THE LINE," by KATHLEEN WARNOCK, directed by STEVEN MCELROY, seven hardcore fans meet in the parking lot of a club in a Rust Belt town to renew their faith in rock and roll and its patron saint, Patti Roxx. Having traveled long and hard to be at the show, their love of her music is the best thing in most of their lives. But before the doors even open, they must first face each other.

Vile Affections  | Open: 08/12/06 Close: 08/26/06
Vile Affections opens in 1620 when Mother Benedetta Carlini is about to be investigated for being a false mystic. It is eleven years before Gallileo is brought before the Holy Inquisition so there is cautious talk of a sun centric universe. During Mother Carlini's investigation the earth does, indeed, become uprooted from its usual place in the universe: the investigators uncover the first written record of a lesbian relationship. Vile Affections is based on a true story. It is part of the New York International Fringe Festival
Why D’ya Make Me Wear This, Joe?  | Open: 07/18/06 Close: 07/21/06
Joe is a 1940's love story, this time about two women. Aubra is a housebound, Fifth Avenue opera diva, whose career collapsed when she was crippled in the polio epidemic of 1931. Charlie is a modern day "Rosie the Riveter," whose job as a projectionist at the Flatbush Cinema fuels her dreams of becoming a movie producer. Charlie's fiancé arranges for Charlie to take care of Aubra, while he and Aubra's fiancé go off to fight in the Second World War. While the men are away the two women fall desperately in love. But, the war soon ends and they both must decide between their love for each other and their responsibilities to their men. So explodes the complexities of what it means to be gay or "crippled" or a woman in the 1940's.

Part of the Fresh Fruit Festival