Red Bastard

Todays Date: 12/01/22
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Aspen or Bust! Red Bastard vs. Deenie Nast  | Open: 09/20/05 Close: 10/11/05
Aspen or Bust! Red Bastard vs. Deenie Nast

Heavy weights Red Bastard and Deenie Nast don their comedy gloves and go 2 rounds in their title shot for the upcoming Aspen Fest (HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival). In their corner, they bring a quick combination of sparring partners, including: Corn Mo, Chris Rozzi, Zero Boy, and more..

Let's Get Ready to Rummmmmble!
In red, NY's cult favorite clown freak, Red Bastard bobs and weaves across the stage with an ego so enormous it can only be matched by his colossal red ass. In this 30 minute "Best of" show, his well placed jabs take the piss out of elitism, theatre, politics, the audience and even himself.

In sequins, Oscar-winner, 2-time Tony winner and international super-drunk, Deenie Nast, delivers her no holds barred, song-filled tribute to herself. After a 12-year legal bout, Nast is back with a vengeance, having earned the rights to perform "below 39 th Street". Songs, film clips, gossip and general "Nast"-iness will splatter the ring.

Bouffon Glass Menajoaree  | Open: 10/13/06 Close: 11/10/06
Gentlemen callers beware: The Wingfields plume their nest with broken glass, twisted morals, and perverted minds. Each night a new audience member will get to play the role of Jim, the gentlemen caller. Tom, Amanda and Laura claim no responsibility for your hurt feelings or offended sentiments. Tennessee Williams is spinning in his grave. Why would anyone do this to an American Masterpiece?

The Wingfield apartment is composed of a broken dream catcher, woven from the clotheslines of this American family's dirty laundry, washed in the antiquated colors of a long forgotten photograph. These three bouffons invite you to be a fly on the wall as they attempt to lure a gentlemen caller for their precious Laura. Audiences take heed you just might be the one to get caught in their wickedly funny web.