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A Double Date with Julie and Jackie  | Open: 05/24/07 Close: 05/24/07
A DOUBLE DATE WITH JULIE AND JACKIE features best friends, comedy partners, and mother and daughter Julie Klausner (VH1, Free To Be Friends) and Jackie Clarke (92.3 WFNY FREE FM, Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever!) present an evening of comedy that will make Jerry Orbach rise from his grave. Join the gals as they explore some of their favorite obsessions: Bob Fosse, self-help books, the power semen of Tom Brady, and Andrea Dworkin's definition of rape. Get mentally ready for an evening of hilarious short films, Powerpoint presentations, and competitive dancing. Julie and Jackie will be there. So will a Carol Channing impersonator and some Myspace stalkers. With special guests Broadway encyclopedia, Seth Rudetsky and competitive eater and rapper, Badlands Booker (http://www.badlandsbooker.com/).
Dances With Pitchforks: Confessions of a Farm Boy  | Open: 09/23/05 Close: 09/30/05
What happens with divas collide? Find out in John Flynn's one-man show. The year was 1998, starring in the Paper Mill Playhouse's production of Gypsy were legend Betty Buckley, pop star Debbie Gibson and John Flynn as non-Equity Farm Box #5. And like any non-Equity Farm Boy #5 with too much free time on his hands, John shares tales of rehearsal antics via e-mail. And from there on out – all Hell breaks loose! It is a story of dashed hopes, fragile egos, lost innocence and grown women in cow costumes – performed in connection with the New York Musical Theater Festival
Showgirls: The Best Move Ever Made, Ever!  | Open: 03/02/06 Close: 05/25/06
The UCB Theatre is proud to present an evening with Mr. Joe Eszterhas (or an actor playing the esteemed scribe) as he is interviewed by noted film historian, Jackie Flynn Clarke. Experience the power and sanctity of Esztheras' words live onstage. It's half staged reading, half "Inside the Actor's Studio," and half female empowerment, Eszterhas style.
Slow Night  | Open: 08/09/06 Close: 08/23/06
Career waitresses Janice (Sarah Burns) and Dimitra (Margot Leitman) have been working the overnight shift at the Golden Retriever Diner for six years. And until tonight never wanted anything more. Faced with the opportunity to leave, the girls wonder does anyone ever truly get out of Jersey?
The 2017 Tony Awardz: A Parody Of Musical Proportions  | Open: 12/17/12 Close: 12/17/12
Upright Citizen Brigade presents The 2017 Tony Awardz, a musical parody by Stephanie Streisand and Rocco Privetera.  Evan Greenspoon directs a cast of seven including Stephanie Streisand, Michael Hartney, Richard “Big Rich” Armstead, Adam Bozarth, Caroline Cotter, Matthew Frazier, and Douglas Widick.


See the future of Broadway today! The 2017 Tony Awardz parodies everything about today's Broadway trends. The nominated musicals in 2017 have all the clichés and trends you love and love to hate! What musical will win? Will it be the Jukebox musical, the new musical based on a historical figure, the musical based on a movie, or the musical that rebels against all musicals? Find out at The 2017 Tony Awardz!

We Used To Go Out  | Open: 03/02/06 Close: 04/27/06
You know that time in a relationship where you should break up but instead stay together and make your lives a living hell? An unflinchingly funny look at relationships
Without Regret, Deenie Nast  | Open: 11/14/05 Close: 11/14/05
Deenie Nast, Oscar-winner, Emmy-winner, 2-time Tony winner and international super-drunk, delivers her no holds barred, song-filled tribute to herself. After a 12-year legal battle with The Studio, Deenie recently won the right to perform as herself below 39th Street. Nast is back with a vengeance, singing the hits from her past, revealing very personal stories, providing commentary on some of her most famous screen moments and re-enforcing her
legendary status to modern audiences. Songs, film clips, gossip and general 'Nast-iness" will ensue! Featuring Aimee German as Minnie, original music written and performed by Travis Ploeger, written by Audrey Crabtree & Deenie Nast, directed by Eric Davis, Vidoe by Lynn Berg and Audrey Crabtree, Documentary by Charles Loflin and Audrey Crabtree