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The Ateh does theater that’s fun.

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A Weekend At An English Country Estate  | Open: 10/14/10 Close: 10/31/10
Weekend at an English Country Estate follows a group of upper-crust Brits in the 1920's getting into trouble with love. Fueled by copious amounts of champagne, what begins as an innocent treasure hunt around the estate grounds turns into a frenzied competition for money, marriage and love.

About the Company: Ateh Theatre Group

The Ateh does theater that’s fun.

Alice‚Äôs Adventures In Wonderland  | Open: 02/24/07 Close: 03/17/07
The White Rabbit races by and Alice is off on a mad adventure that will turn her world upside down. ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND is a fun, frenetic re-imaging of Lewis Carroll's fantastic Cats, Queens and Caterpillars, and the feisty little girl unlike anyone they've met before.
Long Distance  | Open: 08/09/07 Close: 09/01/07
LONG DISTANCE consists of three short plays. In SKINCARE, Amy's little sister went off to college and caught leprosy; in VISITORS, Meredith's parents won't ask for directions and don't know an ax murderer when they see one; and in FLUSH, Lisa's mom will get out of her mammogram even if she has to break the laws of space and time to do it. These funny and frightening plays ask us: how do you protect a loved one from a chaotic universe?
The Girl Detective  | Open: 02/23/07 Close: 03/17/07
THE ATEH THEATER GROUP is pleased to announce the world premiere production of THE GIRL DETECTIVE, based on the short story by Kelly Link and directed by Bridgette Dunlap. THE GIRL DETECTIVE will play a four-week limited engagement at the Connelly Theatre
(220 East 4th Street). Performances begin Friday, February 23, and continue through Saturday, March 17.

The Girl Detective is a master of disguise. She finds missing things, chases tap-dancing bank robbers and eats our dreams. But in her life of intrigue and adventure one mystery remains: the whereabouts of her long lost mother. Join her on a wild journey to the underworld in this surreal, darkly funny story of loss and reunion.

The production features scenic and costume design by Emily French and lighting design by Michael Salvas.

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt  | Open: 10/12/05 Close: 10/29/05
The world premiere of THE GIRL IN THE FLAMMABLE SKIRT, five stories from the book by Aimee Bender adapted for the stage by Bridgette Dunlap, opens off-off-Broadway on October 15. In each story, an isolated female protagonist, frantic to experience life, is passionate in a way that she cannot express; she exists in a world not unlike our own in its grotesque beauty.

Pushing the boundaries of realism with fantastical transformations and deformities, THE GIRL IN THE FLAMMABLE SKIRT investigates the nature of otherness and isolation with humor and pathos. Bridgette Dunlap adapts five short stories, The Rememberer, Legacy, Drunken Mimi, The Healer, and The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, creating a world twisted on its axis. Mimi is a closeted mermaid. Annie's lover is experiencing reverse evolution. The fire girl can't stop burning things. A pregnant teen is sent to live with a hunchback. And a girl goes up in flames.

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