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The Wall of Water  | Open: 09/21/05 Close: 09/25/05
Meet Meg's new roommates. There's Denice, a self-proclaimed "party girl" with a scrapbook of conquests. There's Judy, a food-obsessed research allergist. And then there's Wendi: certifiably insane, and already the bane of Meg's existence.

On one fateful day, Meg can't wash away her anger with a hot shower. What follows is a hilarious mix of mistaken identity, miscommunication, and bizarre transformation: THE WALL OF WATER, by Sherry Kramer.

Starring Bryn Boice*, Lindsay A. Goranson, Jocelyn Greene, Melissa Klein, Doug Cote, Alex C. Ferrill, Abe Goldfarb and Jeremy Rishe.

Set designed by Scott Aronow and Sunita Prasad, lights by Edward Hodge, sound by Matt O'Hare, props by Kathy Avril, and costumes coordinated by Robin Mates. Sean Goldman produces.

*Member, Actors' Equity Association – Equity Approved Showcase