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Idioglossia  | Open: 09/21/05 Close: 09/25/05
When a hermit dies, three psychologists go to her cabin to study her daughter, who has never seen the outside world and speaks a language of her own. Ethical boundaries are crossed when one of the doctors fall in love with his subject and begins a physical relationship with her.

The source play for the film NELL, in its New York premiere - revised by the playwright for AMTC. Some material not suitable for children.

The Ladies Of Fisher Cove  | Open: 04/29/09 Close: 05/17/09
The story of three sisters who live in quarantine after all the men in their cove die of a horrible plague - until a mysterious stranger washes ashore and survives to seduce and mesmerize them.  With Tanya Badgley, Martin Ewens, Nadja Hoyer-Booth, Segal Magori & Mandy Nicole Moore.

This Story Of Yours  | Open: 04/26/07 Close: 05/06/07
JOHN HOPKINS' shattering drama about a British police sergeant who kills a suspected pedophile after the suspect holds a mirror to the officer's own dark side. Actress Shirley Knight (Mr. Hopkins' widow) will hold a Q&A after the May 5th performance.

Further info: myspace.com/absmind

Some material not suitable for children.