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RECREATING KEITER: I Saw Dad Make the Whole Thing Up  | Open: 11/01/06 Close: 11/18/06
Cindy Keiter's multimedia one-woman show reveals what life was like growing up the daughter of famed sports broadcaster Les Keiter. For a generation of sports fans, Les Keiter was the most trusted voice in radio and television. He crossed paths with some of the past century's most iconic sports figures, including Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell, Willie Mays, Jesse Owens, Floyd Patterson and Don King. He is best known for his baseball re-creates, where, alone in a studio with only game stats and a microphone, he created the atmosphere of a live game with just his voice and minimal sound effects.

Fifty years after his heyday in New York as the voice of the New York Giants and New York Knicks, his youngest child Cindy offers a hilarious and moving tribute to his extraordinary life, the struggles both have faced and how they recreated their lives after disappointments. Using archival footage and photos, RECREATING KEITER: I Saw Dad Make the Whole Thing Up follows the Keiter family's extraordinary journey from New York to Philadelphia to Hawaii. Why, at the height of his game, did Les Keiter leave sports Meccas New York and Philadelphia behind for Hawaii? What was it like for Cindy to share her famous father with the whole world?

After spending 20 years living in shadow of her father's voice, Cindy traveled 6,000 miles to New York in a quest to find her own.

[Title of Show]  | Open: 09/11/05 Close: 09/27/05
"Are we writing for art?
And is art a springboard for fame?
nd will fame get us a sitcom?
And will a sitcom get us on 'Ellen'?
And will 'Ellen' get folks to like us?
And if they like us, will they mike us?
Me and You. Two Nobodies in New York."

[title of show] is a unique and authentic glimpse into the creative process and just what it takes to get a show from conception to reality. Two struggling writers, Jeff and Hunter, try to write and submit a show to The New York Musical Theatre Festival, in hopes of getting discovered and optioned for a commercial run. What happens when they race to meet the impending deadline? Will Festival audiences and critics embrace the show? Will someone with money want to option them? And if they do, can they keep their beloved project intact,or will their cast and their show crumble under the pressure? [title of show] explores the internal and external "vampires" that attempt to come between usand our creative self-expression.

Directed and choreographed by Michael Berresse
Musical arrangements and direction byLarry Pressgrove

Sept. 11 @ 7pm, Sept. 13 @ 8pm, Sept. 18 @ 7pm,
Sept. 20 @ 8pm, Sept. 27 @ 8pm