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Hamlet  | Open: 05/13/10 Close: 05/22/10
New Perspectives Theatre Company's track record with the Bard has been a good one, winning us critical acclaim for innovative stagings of Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Othello and Julius Caesar, as well as an OOBR Award for our Burlesque production of The Taming of the Shrew.

Hamlet will continue in this tradition, offering a singular NPTC vision for this play that incorporates historical, scholarly and theatrical research in a highly physical production.

Considered by some to be one of the "problem" plays, theatre practitioners, literary critics and average folks have debated the true meaning of this play for centuries.  Is Hamlet actually a tragic hero?  Is his lunacy feigned, or is there some deep misogyny lurking in his antics?  Is it bi-polar disorder? An Oedipal Complex? 

NPTC has looked at some fascinating but relatively obscure scholarship tying the structure of the script to The Book of Revelation!  Author Linda Kay Hoff makes a compelling case, identifying the parallel elements in the play and the Bible, and puts forth a convincing argument as to Hamlet's viewpoint from a 16th Century perspective and the almost century-long religious wars that took place after Henry VIII's establishment of the Church of England.  The Book of Revelation was very much on Protestant minds.

As always, NPTC takes the source material, existing scholarship and the First Folio version of the play, and applies these to our contemporary world in order to find our own "perspective.”  What we have "found" is that concern with The Book of Revelation and "end times" has once again entered the POLITICAL realm and it’s deeply disturbing.  NPTC's vision of Doomsday isn't quite the one that the Apostle John "witnessed.” Meganne George (production designer) and David L. Schulder (sound and video designer). 

Director: Melody Brooks
Production Designer: Meganne George
Sound & Video Designer: David L. Schulder
Fight Choreography: Ray Rodriguez

Cast: Bill Blechingberg (Claudius), Bernardo Cubria (Hamlet), Jenny Greeman (Ophelia), C. Amanda Maud (Gertrude), Rafael Jordan (Horatio), Kim Sullivan (Polonius), Terrell Tilford (Laertes), James Edward Becton, Amanda Johnson, Mikaela Lynn Johnson, Steve Lynn, Ray Rodriguez and Kerry Watterson.New Perspectives Theatre Company's track record with the Bard has been a good one, winning critical acclaim for its innovative stagings of Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Othello and Julius Caesar, as well as an OOBR Award for its Burlesque production of The Taming of the Shrew.





Mother Of God!  | Open: 03/10/11 Close: 03/26/11
NEW PERSPECTIVES THEATRE COMPANY is pleased to announce the world premiere production of Michele A. Miller’s MOTHER OF GOD!, directed by Melody Brooks.

With historical context but creative license, both profane and profound, Mother of God! investigates the intersection of the politics of Sex and of Religion embedded in the story of the coming of the Messiah. Written by a Jewish mother about the ultimate Jewish Mother, this play expands upon what is a very short story in the New Testament.
The production features production design by Meganne George, and lighting design by Joyce Liao and Sound Design by Jenny Greeman.
MOTHER OF GOD! plays the following regular schedule through Saturday, March 26:
Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
Thursdays at 8 p.m.
Fridays at 8 p.m.
Saturdays at 8 p.m.
Sundays at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $18; $15 student/senior; now available online at or by calling 866-811-4111. Tickets may also be purchased in-person at the theatre ½ hour prior to performance, subject to availability. For more information, please call New Perspectives at 212-630-9945.

Website: or

Mother of God! is an original play developed in New Perspectives’ Award-winning Women’s Work LAB.

Platinum Travel Club  | Open: 10/04/05 Close: 10/22/05
NPT is pleased to announce the U.S. premiere of Platinum Travel Club by Franca Miraglia, a product of our Women's Work Residency Project. The production opens Tuesday, October 4th and runs through Saturday, October 22, 2005. Performances are Tuesday – Saturday at 8:00pm, with a special performance on Monday, October 17th at 7:00pm.

Platinum Travel Club is an erotic-thriller that explores one woman's road from childhood loss to adult obsession. The abduction of her beautiful teenage sister (Caroline) leaves Sandie to survive a shattered family shrouded in deceit and denial. Despite this tragedy, she doesn't let anything get in the way of building a successful career – neither a neglectful mother nor a dominating father. Switching between past and present, the story unfolds against a backdrop of Sandie's involvement in a business travelers' sex club as she confronts the ghosts from her damaged childhood.

Anne Beaumont directs the production, which features Christiane Amorosia, Andrew Platner, Joan Schumacher, Kevin G.Shinnick, Tony Neil, and Anne Winkles.


WHERE: New Perspectives Theatre Company
750 8th Avenue (46th/47th Streets), 6th Fl.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 4, 2005 to Saturday, October 22, 2005
Tuesday – Saturday at 8:00pm
Special Performance: Monday, October 17, 2005, 7:00pm

Reservations: 212-730-2030;

Romeo & Juliet  | Open: 09/01/05 Close: 09/24/05
Part of Play Outside, A Festival of Free Outdoor Theatre
produced by The Shakespeare Project

Director Melody Brooks' approach to Romeo & Juliet centers on medieval Verona, circa 1300—a savage and violent place, busy with the building of dynasties and establishing the veneration of aristocratic bloodlines. The sons of the wealthy are not to be denied, daughters are bartered to strengthen their family's position. Against this backdrop, two children—one unsupervised and the other unloved—seek solace in each other's arms from the cruel adult world. Tradition asks us to celebrate the constancy of their love, but NPT's production asks instead that audiences weep for this pair—and for all of the children who have been and continue to be sacrificed on the alter of hate and ambition.

Steal Away: The Living History of Harriet Tubman  | Open: 02/04/06 Close: 03/11/06
Using puppets and live actors, award-winning writer Rick Balian tells the story of one of America's greatest heroines—from her youth as a slave to her service on the Underground Railroad and her continuing efforts to help others in need throughout her lifetime. A native of Auburn, New York (where Harriet lived until her death) Balian's research for the play included dozens of interviews with Harriet's descendents and the curator of the Harriet Tubman home.

Steal Away is part of NPT's World Voices Program, which offers fables and folktales from different cultures for young audiences and their families. After the 30-minute performance, children will get to meet Harriet and learn about how Negro spirituals were actually used as coded messages for slaves escaping to freedom. They also get to learn two of the songs, and sing along with Harriet. The presentation concludes with an introduction to the puppets, who join the actors in the audience and interact directly with the kids!
THE RITUAL  | Open: 06/19/19 Close: 06/30/19
It’s Friday morning, first period at Senior Secondary School in Trinidad and Omega is pregnant. Through “ritual” portrayals of the world around them her friends, five students, come to understand that the real key to empowerment lies within them. The play is highly stylized—each actor plays one of the girls as well as members from their community—lecherous taxi drivers; sanctimonious bourgeois; attractive Rasta boys; pompous judges and frightened parents.

New Perspectives Theatre Company and Banana Boat Productions are reprising their acclaimed production of this ground-breaking play to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. It earned Mr. Constance both fame and notoriety when it was cut from Trinidadian national television in 1979 in mid-broadcast due to its themes, and the characters' treatment of the societal forces that work against them.

“…the girls in THE RITUAL remind us that we mustn't underestimate young people; while at the same time, we must take responsibility for what they reflect back to us.”

with: Zakiya Baptiste, Janelle Clayton, Angela Fraser, Nadege Matteis, Cassandra Ogbozor

The 2011 Women’s Work Festival  | Open: 09/25/11 Close: 10/02/11
The 2011 Women’s Work Festival features four original scripts from the newest LAB members, written to the theme of “Justified,” as well as readings of full-length plays-in-progress from the veteran members of the LAB. We kick off the festival with a special panel and cocktail reception on Sunday, September 25th, at 3:00 pm! Festival runs through Sunday, October 2nd. Cost of tickets is $18 or, for students and senior citizens, $15. See for more details!