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3 x TENN  | Open: 09/06/06 Close: 09/08/06
Catch these rising stars...
The 2007 Academy Company, the talented young repertory company of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, presents an evening of Southern Gothic one-act plays by Tennessee Williams. "Hello from Bertha", "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion", and "Suddenly Last Summer" reveal the dark and poetic work that is quintessential Williams.
As Bees in Honey Drown  | Open: / / Close: 10/21/06
Novelist Evan Wyler is the "Man of the Moment" and he has captured the attention of the beautiful con-artist Alexa Vere de Vere. When Wyler falls in love with her he finds that fame and success are not always as they appear.

Presented by the 2007 Academy Company of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Boy Gets Girl  | Open: 10/19/05 Close: 10/22/05
Where do we draw the line in romantic pursuit? A successful and romantically unattached New York City journalist agrees to a blind date with an attractive and funny suitor but his attention quickly turns into obsession and her annoyance turns to terror in this dramatic thriller.
Brighton Beach Memoirs  | Open: 10/17/06 Close: 10/20/06
Puberty is never easy – but for Eugene Jerome, the hero of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs it is even more complex. The would be Yankee pitcher is coming-of-age in a crowded house in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn in the shadow of the great depression with World War II looming and his beautiful cousin living down the hall.

This affectionate portrait of an American family is told with grace, warmth and the humor we have come to expect from Neil Simon.

Chekhov in Yalta  | Open: 09/12/06 Close: 09/15/06
While Chekhov is confined by illness to a villa in Yalta he is visited by Konstantin Stanislavski and the Moscow Arts Theatre. Stanislavski and his theatre visit Chekhov with the express purpose of acquiring his latest play. Chekhov has other intentions...
Dancing in the Dark  | Open: 12/06/06 Close: 12/09/06
The Chernobyl nuclear reactor explodes! An American President bombs an Arab country! Meanwhile, a director from the States attempts to direct a play in a hard-line Communist country in a language he doesn't understand and in a culture he can't comprehend. Playwright Jonathan Bolt's farcical take on theatre, politics and romance is based on his actual 1986 experience as the first American director to direct a Communist Bulgarian theatre company.

Performed by The Academy Company - the repertory company of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Idiot's Delight  | Open: 09/13/05 Close: 09/16/05
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this is a fast-moving story about a group of Europeans and Americans - including a Broadway song and dance man and his six chorus girls - who are caught in a hotel in the Alps. This remarkable play is a prophetic fable on the greed, fear, and stupidity which can lead to war.
Masterpieces  | Open: 10/18/05 Close: 10/21/05
A female social worker in the land of misogny moves from ignorance to anger and action as she rejects the man-made world in which she lives. Masterpiece is a radical take on the porn industry exploring the price we pay for selling sex; examining the relationship between pornography and violence against women; and investigating its effect on society and relationships. This play will challenge the audience to consider the issues from a new perspective.

This play contains graphic verbal descriptions and is recommended for mature audiences only.

Taking Steps  | Open: 10/25/05 Close: 10/28/05
What happens when a zany cast of characters including a Yamaha riding builder, a not-so-bright solicitor, a would-be dancer, her feckless brother and his commitment-shy
fiancée are forced to spend a night unbeknownst to one another in an old Victorian mansion.
The Hostage  | Open: 09/14/05 Close: 09/17/05
A comic approach to both life and art, this circus of flamboyant colors and theatre styles tells the story of an innocent British Soldier taken into a bawdy Irish bar by the IRA as a hostage to be shot if the British go through with the execution of an IRA youth.
The Secret Rapture  | Open: 10/26/05 Close: 10/29/05
Sometimes an act of kindness can be destructive. When their father dies two estranged sisters, one virtuous and one pragmatic, are forced to put his affairs in order. Among the problems they encounter is their alcoholic step-mother. Manipulation, chaos, and sacrifice are all part of this account that comes to a violent end.
Trelawny of the 'Wells'  | Open: 09/13/06 Close: 09/16/06
Catch these rising stars...
The 2007 Academy Company, the repertory company of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts presents Trelawny of the 'Wells'. Set in the 1860s this play takes a warm and affectionate look at 'theatre people' through the tale of a young actress who gives up her life as a gypsy to become a "well-to-do fashionable lady, instead of a popular toiling actress."