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Fallen  | Open: 09/22/06 Close: 10/01/06
This powerful new work, inspired by William Golding's beloved novel, Lord of the Flies, tells the gut-wrenching tale of a group of school girls, struggling for survival, after a plane crash leaves them stranded on an uninhabited island. This provocative new play was developed through a unique and innovative improvisational process, which included all nine actors featured in the upcoming production. FALLEN is a human story that examines our connection to civilization and each other. It explores the potential for darkness and disorder that lurks within us all. In an age of natural disasters, unforeseeable tragedy, and questionable government policies, we are faced with a world full of uncertainty. In FALLEN, as in our world today, this uncertainty breeds fear, greed and a ruthless drive for power. The play explores themes that are both timeless and timely, such as human nature, gender, peer dynamics, power, and government.
Feud: Fire on the Mountain  | Open: 08/12/05 Close: 08/27/05
Feud: Fire on the Mountain begins at the end of the Civil War when the lynching of a returning Union soldier sets off a private war between two Appalachian families. The classic, true story of the bloodiest, most notorious feud in American history is reinvented with a dark comic flavor. Underlying tensions explode between the Hatfields and McCoys, building to a provocative, gripping climax. What happened to Love Thy Neighbor?
NYTE Benefit 2007  | Open: 05/09/07 Close: 05/09/07
New York Theatre Experiment (NYTE) is proud to announce the remounting of two of the most successful pieces from NYU's Freeplay Festival 2007: Am I Born to Die? by company member Creighton James and Amanda Fulks and Scratch by Ben Huber and David Ross.

The Freeplay Festival is produced, directed, and performed by the third year Graduate Acting students. These pieces are being reproduced to celebrate kicking off NYTE's fourth season.

by Creighton James and Amanda Fulks
Am I Born to Die? is based on a true story, inspired by Creighton James' half-sister's memories of her father, who lost his lifelong battle with alcoholism in 1999.
by Ben Huber and David Ross
Scratch follows the adventures of two passionate young thespians, who have traveled all the way from Iowa to make their exciting New York City debut with their first and only dramatic production, "Enterchangement."

The Long Christmas Dinner & A New York Christmas Carol  | Open: 12/08/05 Close: 12/18/05
In Thornton Wilder's play about the timelessness of familial bonds, we see ninety years pass before our eyes in under an hour. Christmas dinners come and go in the Bayard home, as does life and death. This dramatic, touching, nostalgic piece reminds us what we cherish about the holidays with our own families and how quickly time passes in the blink of an eye.

Meet Eloise Scrooge: cold, ruthless business woman, top of the fashion industry in New York City. This Christmas, her perspective on the human condition will change when she is visited on Christmas eve by her deceased mother, Judith Marley-Scrooge, and warned of the grusome fate that will befall her if she does not heed the warnings of the three ghosts who will take her on a journey through the ups and downs of New York City at Christmas time. A farcical and touching new exploration of the classic Dickens tale!