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Book of Days  | Open: 08/09/05 Close: 08/27/05
As its inaugural production, New World Theatre presents award-winning playwright Lanford Wilson's "morality" play Book of Days, a tumultuous tale about the destructive nature of fear, deception, ambition, and power in a town where the truth can hurt one's perceived sense of security more than the alternative delusion.

Dublin, Missouri - a town "so beautiful in the spring it could break your heart." As the town's own Saint Joan searches for the truth behind the death of the town's most prominent citizen, Dublin's soul is revealed and America's fate is in the balance.

Robert A Zick, Jr., whose work in San Francisco has been called "inventive," "revealing," and "splendid," makes his New York directorial debut with Book of Days.

"Book of Days ... is a challenge for everyone involved - concepts of the chorus and a play within a play within a play tear at the fabric of realism and offers us the opportunity to play imaginatively with the play's relationship with the audience.

"It is truly a story of today's small town America presenting the attitudes and mind set that have created the polarized social landscape in which we find ourselves. The appropriateness for producing this play now is beyond question," says Zick.

Lanford Wilson has written this story in a way that reveals fictional Dublin, Missouri to be Anytown, USA making this production resonate with cosmopolitan and country audiences alike.

New World Theatre 2006-2007 season  | Open: 07/07/06 Close: 07/29/06
24 performances in repertory
Hamlet, 1603, by William Shakespeare, directed by Cynthia Dillon
Priscilla, by Jeff Love, directed by Robert Zick Jr., opens July 7th and closes July 29th

Hamlet 1603: The First Quarto -- One of Shakespeare's first published versions of the quintessential revenge play, Hamlet 1603. Hamlet returns from University to discover that his father is dead and his uncle has married his mother. Visited by the ghost of his father, Hamlet schemes to wrest the truth from his murderous uncle and avenge his father's death. Amid his feigned madness and very real indecision, his actions have tragic results.

Priscilla – New World Theatre's newly commissioned modern adaptation, Priscilla takes Shakespeare's most famous work and puts its premise of indecision leading to destruction into a more contemporary context –and with a woman as the protagonist. Will Priscilla choose a life of love and security or will she lose herself amid the unraveling revelations surrounding her mother's suspicious death?

The Crackwalker  | Open: 10/26/06 Close: 11/12/06
One of the most notorious Canadian plays of the past 25 years, The Crackwalker is a plunge into Canada's underworld of drugs, sex, mental illness and murder, where four local down-and-outs struggle to live, to love and to make a better world for themselves with tragic results. Judith Thompson's first play is a visceral exploration of the ugly realities of society's castaways, where the "Crackwalker" waits to crush anyone unable to walk the fine line between sanity and destruction.