Apathy: The Gen X Musical

Todays Date: 11/28/22
Last Update: 07/09/05 11:20:10 PM
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Apathy: The Gen X Musical  | Open: 07/18/05 Close: 08/07/05
"Theatre Seldom digs this deeply into youthful alienation...A Powerful Chord" -Jack Zink, Sun Sentinel

"Like Fellini going on a three day speedball binge and trying to rewrite FRIENDS" -Paul Gallotta, XS Magazine

"Wild, erratic APATHY squeezes sparks from raw, dead-on look at Generation X" - Christine Dolan, Miami Herald

Follow the wacky adventures of a drug dealing vamp and her friends (a manic slacker, a goth chick, a party slut, a closet case, and her cuckold boyfriend) as they smoke dope, trip on acid, undermine authority, and treat anything "PC" with insane irreverence!

Words & Music by Mickey Zetts
Directed by Paula D'Alessandris
The Cast features Fiona Choi, Ethan Gomez, Samantha Leigh Josephs, Ryan G. Metzger, Matt Miniea, Duncan Pflaster & Sami Rudnick