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21 Stories: A Broadway Tale  | Open: 07/19/05 Close: 08/07/05
Billy Youngblood is a knock around soccer player from Northern England with a passion to make it as a Broadway star. Margaret Evans is a tomboy from small town Texas with delusions of finding her father. These two collide in The Big Apple and together they embark on a journey in pursuit of their dreams. Billy to join the perfect musical and Margaret in search of hope, friendship and love... and what they find isn't always something to sing about.

It's a Romeo and Juliet story set against the backdrop of some of the Mega musicals in the 80's. How far would they go and what would be the ultimate price. Its an emotional journey of fun, drama along with a little bit of toe tapping.

Audiences can expect to laugh, cry and sing along with some of their favorite shows as they follow this energetic compelling story of Billy and Margaret accompanied by a unique blend of a Greek chorus. In 21 STORIES the audience will see the impact of holding on to a dream.