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Shiloh Rules  | Open: 03/18/06 Close: 04/09/06
Shiloh Rules is a sharp satire set on the eve of one of the Civil War's bloodiest engagements, the Battle of Shiloh. Well, the reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh, that is. When rival, hardcore Civil War buffs begin the battle prematurely, it sets off a firestorm. Six women caught up in this madness, hilarity and drama fight each other, help each other and learn that there is more to remembering the American Civil War than "Authentic" costumes, bandages and chloroform. The play delves into the madness that drove American citizens to take up arms against each other in a bloody Civil War, and how, nearly 150 years later, we often find ourselves staring at each other over those same lines, re-enacting similar battles in our
everyday lives.
The Gut Girls  | Open: 07/17/05 Close: 08/07/05
The "gut girls" of Deptford, England, circa 1900, are rowdy, boisterious, have mouths like sailors and are as strong as they oxen they gut. By day they are up to their knees in freshly slaugthered and animal entrails, but in the evenings they are their own women, financially independent to a degree rare for young working-class women in Edwardian England. Enter Lady Helena, an aristocrat on a mission to teach the gut girls some manners and get them employed as domestics. The result is a total surrender fo their indenpendence, spirit and way of life