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Manhattantheatresource is a not-for-profit art service organization celebrating its fifth anniversary. Its 55-seat theatre, book store and cabaret, run by full-time volunteers, have afforded more than 2,400 artists opportunities to work in over 475 productions. The Source also provides workshops, marketing and design support, voiceover and video editing services and career consulting to local artists.

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Estrogenius  | Open: 10/01/08 Close: 11/01/08
The Estrogenius Festival, one of New York City's largest women's arts festival, kicks off its ninth annual season October 1. Running through November 1 at Manhattan Theatre Source (177 MacDougal Street), the festival presents a diverse array of short plays, solo shows, dance, visual art, music, performances by teens and a benefit for girls' education in Africa.
A Christmas Carol  | Open: 12/04/05 Close: 12/30/05
The Dickens Holiday tale.

For more info on the play, visit

A Christmas Carol  | Open: 12/09/08 Close: 12/11/08
This one-man play is based on the condensed version Charles Dickens used on his historic reading tours of the United States. Dickens' 1867 American Reading Tour is off to a rough start. Due to an inexplicable loss of his luggage, he regretfully announces that he will be unable to read from his beloved classic, "A Christmas Carol." All is not lost however; Dickens delivers what he promised by performing from memory the magical story of Ebenezer Scrooge's journey from miserliness to redemption wiht warmth and humor.

"A most welcome Christmas present." -- Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot (NY)

Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

A Coupla of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking  | Open: 05/09/07 Close: 05/26/07
Set in Westchester, worlds collide when uptight Maude meets her new neighbor, sexed-up Southerner Hannah Mae. Throughout this zany romp, the mismatched pair fight, scheme, cheat, laugh and love. Can a modern Odd Couple find common ground?

When the play first premiered in 1980 at the Astor Place Theater, the New York Times hailed it "an unusually smart sitcom,". It went on to run for two years, helping launch the careers of Susan Sarandon, JoBeth Williams, Ann Archer and Dixie Carter.

The current production stars Nancy Sirianni*, who is also a successful recording artist, and Monica Russell*, one of the founding members of Transport Group. Ms. Sirianni last starred in the critically acclaimed production of Woyzeck at Manhattan Theatre Source. Martin Denton of hailed the production "claustrophobic and rather sensationally vivid.". Ms. Russell received accolades for her performance in last year's All the Way Home. The New York Times called her turn "compelling" while Curtain Up raved that she "grows before our eyes".

Steven Bloom directs.

A Lie of the Mind  | Open: 04/04/07 Close: 04/28/07
Winner of the New York Drama Critics Best New Play Award in 1986, Sam Shepard's classic American play mines the depths of love, loss and resiliency. The powerful tale ricochets between two families after they are shaken to the core by a severe case of spousal abuse. A LIE OF THE MIND is a vibrant today as when it premiered twenty years ago. It is a riveting, darkly humorous drama about our ability to reconcile reality with illusion.

From the director of the critically acclaimed The Mandrake, Saint Frances of Hollywood and Dark Rapture. Featuring original music by Minetta Creek, Greenwich Village's longest running bluegrass group.

Chekhov's Chicks  | Open: 11/29/07 Close: 12/15/07
Inner Circle Theater in association with Manhattan Theatre Source presents CHEKHOV'S CHICKS, Elizabeth Rosengren's adaptation of Anton Chekhov's most famous stories.

Anna Akimovna has a problem: she's 26 and not married yet! What is she to do? As the female characters from Chekhov's major plays take turns telling Anna their stories of love, they reveal the wit and humor of the master playwright. From the youth Sasha, who can't but help loving a guy who's bad to the bone, to the mature Irina Arkadina, who laments her man's fickle gaze towards a younger pair of legs, to the three sisters who constantly yearn for a Moscow where the grass is always greener; these women explore common issues of marriage, money, family, work, and love.

CHEKHOV'S CHICKS is a fun and touching retelling of Chekhov's short story A Woman's Kingdom with excerpts from Ivanov, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, The Seagull and The Bear.

Jewels Eubanks directs. CHEKHOV'S CHICKS stars Jeremy Brena* (Vershinin), Diana Buirski* (Irina), Chris Cotone* (Doctor/Smirnoff), Taryn DeVito (Sasha/Nina), Kate Geller (Olga), Ramesh Ganeshram (Ivanov), Prudence Heyert (Sonya), Maria Hurdle (Masha), Caroline Messihi (Anna Akimovna), Stu Richel* (Luka/Uncle Vanya), Elizabeth Rosengren* (Arkadina/Popova) and Alexandra Seal (Yelena). The design team includes Angel Jones (costumes), Chris Cotone (lights) and Jewels Eubanks (sound).

Eliza's Windon  | Open: 07/09/04 Close: 08/27/05
A new puppet play with music

presented by Paper City Productions in conjunction with Paddywhack Players

Esther, Queen of Persia  | Open: 08/30/06 Close: 09/02/06
In a world steeped in conflict and war, a young Jewish woman shines as a beacon of salvation to her people. Armed with beauty and compassion, she finds favor with the King of Persia, convinces him to liberate the Hebrew nation, and succeeds in illuminating the dastardly plans of a trusted royal counselor.

As timely today as it was thousands of years ago, Esther Queen of Persia delights people of all faiths and ages.

Estrogenius 2005  | Open: 10/05/05 Close: 10/08/05
Estro Week 3

By Brian Blake
Directed by Heidi Handelsman

By Lissa Brennan
Directed by Joan Murray

By Sharyn Rothstein
Directed by Rachael Evans

By Renee Fleming
Directed by Kelly Haydon

By Robin Rice Lichtig
Directed by Handan Ozbilgin

Estrogenius 2005  | Open: 10/12/05 Close: 10/15/05
Estrogenius Week 4

By Meryl Cohn
Directed by Alexandra De Suze

By Stephanie Zadravec
Directed by Amber Estes

By Vanessa A. Spencer
Directed by Esther Pan

By Jennifer J. Katz
Directed by Maura Kelley

By Mac Rogers
Directed by Jordana Davis Willliams

By Kim Kolarich
Directed by Kathleen O'Neill

Estrogenius 2005 - Week 2  | Open: 09/28/05 Close: 10/01/05
Welcome to Estrogenius 2005! This month-long celebration
of women's work at the Source features performance,
music, visual art, and dance.

Keep up with all things estro at

Estro Week 2:

By Michael Ramirez
directed by Johanna Gruenhut

By Stuart D'Ver
directed by Synge Maher

By Lucia Del Vecchio
directed by Jocelyn Sawyer

By Diana Fithian
directed by Miriam Eusebio

By Peggy Dougherty
directed by Laura Henry

Estrogenius 2005 - Week One  | Open: 09/21/05 Close: 09/24/05
Welcome to Estrogenius 2005! This month-long celebration
of women's work at the Source features performance,
music, visual art, and dance.

Keep up with all things estro at

Estro Week 1 - Reflections

Rearview Mirror
by Laura Schlachtmeyer
directed by Daryl Boling

A Left at Happy Ever After
by Cathrine Goldstein
directed by Anna Guttormsgaard

Fix Me, Please and Thank You
by Catherine Zambri
directed by Alison Talis

by Daryl Boling
directed by Paula D'Alessandris

by Fiona Jones
directed by Betsy Sanders

Estrogenius 2006  | Open: 09/20/06 Close: 09/23/06
Four weeks of women's work

Short Plays Week 1: "Loose Screws"

Bridal Suite by George Hunka,
Screwballs by Joan Murray,
A Place for Owls by Fiona Jones,
Mescalito by Lucy Boyle,
Loose Girls & Screwdrivers by Catherine Zambri

Estrogenius Festival 2006  | Open: 09/20/06 Close: 10/14/06
The Seventh Annual Estrogenius Festival is a premier showcase for the diversity of women's and girl's artistic voices. Featuring theatre, dance, solo shows, visual art and performances by teens, the four-week Estrogenius Festival shines a spotlight on women's creativity.

The Seventh Annual Estrogenius Festival is anchored by four weekly programs of short plays, including new work by Fiona Jones, Lucy Boyle, Kara Corthron and George Hunka. Special events are held each Saturday during the festival. Due to popular demand, GirlPower has been expanded this year. The program, produced by Atonia Pettiford, will give teen girls a showcase to shine on Saturday, September 23 and Saturday, October 7. Sola Voce Estrogenia, produced by Cheryl King, will offer two outstanding programs of solo shows Saturday, September 30 and Saturday, October 14. GirlPower and Sola Voce Estrogenia will take place at Manhattan Theatre Source (177 MacDougal Street). Women In Motion: Estrogenius Dance presents an eclectic dance program, including two Bessie Award winners, Saturday, October 14 at a new, larger venue, Morocco Studios (6 West 20th Street, 2nd Floor).

Flying Dreams  | Open: 07/19/06 Close: 07/29/06
A fantasy in one act

In Public/In Private  | Open: 10/23/05 Close: 10/25/05
Over one weekend, two married couples play out their tensions, pleasures, attractions and suspicions in a variety of Upper West Side locations: restaurants, bars, hospitals and drug stores.

In Public is a trenchant, sometimes lyrical, often comic examination of the ways in which we negotiate and renegotiate the relationships in our lives, the ways in which we deal with eroticism, desire, trust and uncertainty, and what we keep from and share with each other

In the curtain-raiser, In Private, a man and a woman struggle with the elusive nature of desire and sensual attraction over widening abysses of time and distance.


It's A Wonderful (One-Man Show) Life  | Open: 12/08/08 Close: 12/21/08
Jason Grossman performs one-man versions of each Bedford Falls' event -- morphing from Annie to Zuzu - to create a total of 33 beloved characters. A must for IAWL fanatics, this intimate portral of George Bailey's compromised dreams, financial ruin, suicidal turning-point and triumphant realization of the true value of his life are discovered brilliantly in this homage to Capra's vision. Sharon Fogarty directs.

"Recommended" - Time Out New York

It's A Wonderful One Man Show Life!  | Open: 12/05/05 Close: 12/29/05
For the first time in three years, Sharon Fogarty directs actor/impressionist Jason Grossman in his live solo adaptation of Frank Capra's classic film, "It's a Wonderful Life." A minimal set and atmospheric lighting allow Grossman to create every scene in Bedford Falls, morphing from Annie to Zuzu (for a total of 33 characters). Highly recommended for IAWL fanatics, George Bailey's hardships (compromised dreams of youth, financial ruin and suicide) are explored intimately in this close-up rendition, as is the conclusion when Bailey discovers triumphantly the value of his life and his beloved community support.

Recommended for all ages

Kicking and Swearing  | Open: 03/05/06 Close: 03/07/06
The night consists of five diverse one-acts.

In Hanging Out, we join a man and a woman in their "non-existing, non-momentous" relationship over the course of six years.

In American Marvel, it's another action packed adventure of The American Marvel and his arch enemy, Victor Vice...or is it?

Peter Pan's Complexion looks at how college friends choose to deal with growing up in completely different ways.

'Tis the Season examines what happens when two sisters prepare to spend the holiday season with their family...what could possibly go wrong?

And finally, High Crimes and Subtle Deceptions: the story of two strangers, who meet on the
city streets and learn to trust each in the midst of family, friends, crime, and their own mysterious secrets.

La Ronde  | Open: 01/04/08 Close: 01/26/08
manhattantheatresource and Republic Theater Company's production of Arthur Schnitzler's La Ronde, translated and directed by Akiva Daube, opens Friday, January 5, 2007 at the theatre's Washington Square Park home. Set in turn-of-the-century Vienna, La Ronde explores the passion, deception and isolation of modern relationships. The provocative play unfolds amid a chain of sexy amorous couplings. When La Ronde premiered in 1921, it caused such a sensation that the production was shut down. La Ronde has also been the basis for three films and was the inspiration for David Hare's The Blue Room. Akiva Daube's new translation captures the intensity of the original text and is accentuated by a fragmented, Expressionist-inspired set and live music.

La Ronde is the sixth production in manhattantheatresource's critically acclaimed Winter Classic Series, which stages new adaptations of classic plays. Previous productions include Macbeth: A Walking Shadow, Three Sisters, Woyzeck and 2006's tandem, the world premiere of Richard Vetere's Machiavelli and Machiavelli's The Mandrake. The Winter Classic Series has been called a "jewel" by The New York Times (Three Sisters), and "sensationally vivid" by (Woyzeck). Back Stage raved that Machiavelli "zips along thanks to the solid direction of Andrew Frank" while The New York Times lauded The Mandrake for its "able and energetic cast".

La Ronde stars Chelsea Morgan Hoffman (Prostitute), Naftali Ungar-Sargon (Soldier), Nadine Zygaj (Maid), Eric Wdowiak (Young Gentleman), Jessica Scott (Married Woman), Mike Gomez (Married Man), Shannon Davies (Sweet Young Girl), Adam Reich (Poet), Elisabeth Jamison (Actress) and Jon Risk (Count) with Luke Strandquist and Serena Miller in the ensemble. The design team includes Chris Cotone (lights), Montserrat Mendez (art design), Nina Lourie (costumes), Ed McNamee (set) and Gina Costagliola (stage manager). Katherine Krause is the assistant director.

MacBeth: A Walking Shadow  | Open: 01/04/07 Close: 01/27/07
From the adapter and director of Woyzeck (?Claustrophobic and rather sensationally vivid!? ? and Three Sisters (?An absorbing production? -- The New York Times) comes the stunning new adaptation of William Shakespeare?s classic tale of murder, madness and the fight for the Scottish crown.

MACBETH: A WALKING SHADOW is told in haunting flashbacks. It begins on the battleground with the defining fight between MacBeth and MacDuff. Onstage throughout the production, MacBeth, played by Ato Essandoh (Film: Garden State, Blood Diamond, Prime) revisits the events that have led him to the climatic scene. MACBETH: A WALKING SHADOW offers a powerful psychological study of his actions and blends the supernatural elements into the fabric of reality. The witches are re-imagined as apparitions that emanate from the people MacBeth is around at that moment. This adaptation captures the rush of one?s life and the fleeting decisions one makes. It ultimately asks the very human question, How did I wind up here?

?Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more.?

Machiavelli  | Open: 01/12/06 Close: 02/05/06
Jason Howard Stephanie Jannsen*
Chip Philips* Liza Vann*
James Wetzel* Lex Woutas*
*appears courtesy AEA
Measure for Measure: Provide Your Block and Axe  | Open: 08/03/07 Close: 08/25/07
From Doug Silver and Andrew Frank, the team behind the critically acclaimed MACBETH: A WALKING SHADOW, comes a fresh look at one of William Shakespeare's most enigmatic plays. The duo has transformed MEASURE FOR MEASURE: PROVIDE YOUR BLOCK AND AXE into a 70-minute, exhilarating treatise on hypocrisy, love and the line between them. Set amid the backdrop of a modern-day dance club, the adaptation is equal parts sensual and humorous.

In January, Mr. Silver and Mr. Frank's vivid adaptation, MACBETH: A WALKING SHADOW, was a sold out smash hit. called it "one of the best Shakespeare productions I've seen" while lauded it as "an interpretation you will not want to miss".

MEASURE FOR MEASURE: PROVIDE YOUR BLOCK AND AXE features many of the stars from MACBETH: A WALKING SHADOW -- Ato Essandoh, Lex Woutas, Meghan Reilly, Ridley Parson and James Edward Becton -- alongside Fiona Jones, John-Andrew Morrison, Jon Ecklund and Dave Koenig.

Not A Nice Girl & The Rights of Man  | Open: 09/15/05 Close: 09/16/05
In not a nice girl, stand-up philosopher Cheryl King's alter-ego, Carol Kincaid, under the spell of love goddess Aphrodite, explores the patriarchal forces that constrain her, delivering an always warm, often hilarious manifesto on sex, marriage, and the pursuit of passion.

Featuring a 15-minute epilogue THE RIGHTS OF MAN, written and performed by Aaron Petrovich then provides a chilling challenge to the male-dominant forces that constrain us in his arresting epilogue, The Rights of Man. Don't miss the opportunity to witness complementary viewpoints on a controversial topic.

Amidst the hype and rhetoric that typify public discussion, solo artists Cheryl King and Aaron Petrovich pair up to perform clear and thoughtful appraisals on the divisive relationship between sex, the sexes and power.

Off-White Christmas  | Open: 12/13/08 Close: 12/21/08
Julie Perkins' OFF-White Christmas is a variety show homage to Irving Berlin's holiday extravaganza. Equal parts irreverence and schmaltz, the show features new holiday skits and musical numbers.

Appropriate for 16+.

Portrait of the Artist as a Dumb Blonde  | Open: 08/19/07 Close: 08/23/07
From's "People of the Year" recipient Sharon Fogarty comes a hilarious new musical comedy in one act. This memory tale features Nora, an artist who thinks she can easily give up her art and survive happily in the corporate world. When emotional turmoil turns her into a suicidal wreck, it is only through her art that she is able to crawl back among the living.

Stages of grief are personified by actors Debra Wassum (Acceptance), Matthew Porter (Pain), Rachel McPhee (Sorrow) and Pete Aguero (Boredom) with special appearances by Bonnie Lee (Obsession) and Hope Garland (Therapist). The catalyst for Nora's demise is portrayed by Thomas Rainey (Prince Charming) who dumps her for so that he may pursue career at being beautiful.

Music and choreography is by Sharon Fogarty, accompanied by Matthew Lauren Cohen (Piano). Costumes are assisted by IT Award nominee Ramona Ponce.

Saint Frances of Hollywood  | Open: 07/13/05 Close: 08/06/05
Luminescent 1930s film icon Frances Farmer was a gutsy force of nature. She refused to play by anyone else's rules. For that, she paid a dear price. She lost her Hollywood career and endured multiple stints at Steilacoom, a Seattle psychiatric hospital. Playwright Sally Clark tackles this extraordinary tragedy with wit, reverence and ultimately fearlessness. The play illuminates the connections among art, politics and self determination. It reminds us why Frances Farmer remains a patron saint of tortured, yet resilient souls.

Director Daryl Boling, a founding member and managing director of manhattantheatresource, follows two well-received directorial efforts, Dark Rapture and Black Comedy/The White Liars, with Saint Frances of Hollywood. Regarding Dark Rapture, Dan Isaac of Backstage raved, "Director Daryl Boling achieves wonderful results with a group of first-rate actors." heralded Black Comedy/The White Liars as "hilarious entertainment".

Sarah Ireland, a graduate of Maggie Flanigan Studio, stars as the enigmatic Frances Farmer. Ms. Ireland's credits include Burning Blue (Off-Broadway) and Jonny Zero (TV). Jeffrey Plunkett, who plays Frances Farmer's psychiatrist Dr. Betelgeuse, appeared at The Cherry Lane Theatre in Concertina's Rainbow with Mia Dillon, Joyce Van Patten and Anne Pitoniak. Off-Broadway and manhattantheatresource veterans Fiona Jones and Sharon Fogarty round out the cast as legendary gossip hound Louella Parsons and Frances's mother Lillian, respectively.

Sally Clark is an award-winning Canadian playwright whose work includes The Trial of Judith K., Life without Instruction, and Saint Frances of Hollywood. In 1990, she received the Chalmers Award.

Screwups: little plays about big mistakes  | Open: 11/09/05 Close: 11/19/05
Buffalo Bridge Productions preents a six-back of Justin Warner's award-winning short comedies about misunderstandings, snafus, gaffes, mixups, clerical erros and plain old bad judgment. It's all funny because it's not happenign to you.
Spontaneous Combustion #22  | Open: 04/09/06 Close: 04/13/06
We Write, Rehearse, Tech & Perform an evening of 50minute just 48 Hours!
Temple  | Open: 02/22/06 Close: 03/11/06
In an America divided by sexual identity a band of revolutionaries unite in the shadow
of our nation's capitol for the ultimate act of civil disobedience.
The Greenwich Village Follies  | Open: 07/05/07 Close: 07/28/07
Andrew Frank & Doug Silver's new musical takes you on a sexy, high energy musical tour of New York's landmark neighborhood. From Peter Stuyvesant to the Stonewall Girls, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire to NYU, this revue brings Greenwich Village's storied 400-year history to life. The 18 songs include "Oh, Chumley's" (a Prohibition-era Barber Shop Quartet); "Resist the Grid" (about the "grid protests" of 1811), "Splatter Me All Over" (a tribute to painter Jackson Pollock); and "Smoke Smoke (Hey, Man)".

Writers Andrew Frank and Doug Silver are the team behind the Off-Broadway musical Sidd, which CurtainUp called an "upbeat spiritual musical. . . in the tradition of Godspell". Variety raved "[Silver and Frank] clearly have a knack for melody -- several of their songs stick pleasantly in the brain -- and they're at home with everything from power ballads to Kander & Ebb-style cool." The duo is a member of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater workshop. Earlier this year, their adaptation of Macbeth: a Walking Shadow received rave reviews. Michael Criscuolo of called it "one of the best Shakespeare productions I've ever seen" while Fred McKinnon of raved that it was a "mayhem-packed evening of exciting theater." Original concept by Fran Kirmser

The House of Bernarda Alba  | Open: 06/13/07 Close: 06/30/07
Written shortly before playwright Federico Garcia Lorca's assassination in 1936, THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA explores the consequences of a mother's tyranny over her daughters. After the death of her husband, Bernarda Alba declares a mourning period of eight years for her household, which includes her five marriageable daughters and her mother. The arrival of a suitor for her eldest daughter forces the revelation of their family's secrets and passions to an explosive conclusion.

Starring Joy Franz (original Broadway casts of INTO THE WOODS and PIPPIN), Joy Seligsohn, Stephanie Schmiderer, Campbell Echols, Megan Campisi, Meredith Napolitano, Benita Robeldo, Olivia Lawrence, Maitely Weismann, Helene Galek and Kathleen Kwan.

The Mandrake  | Open: 01/05/06 Close: 01/28/06
"Can you have your cake and eat it too?" Niccolo Machiavelli's The Mandrake answers in the affirmative. After 20 years abroad in Paris, young Callimaco returns to his native Florence to glimpse the beautiful, married Lucrezia. With the aid of a matchmaker (Ligurio) and a friar (Brother Timothy), Callimaco schemes to win Lucrezia's affections. Brother Timothy convinces Lucrezia and her husband Nicia that a powerful herb, the mandrake of the play's title, will help the childless couple conceive. However, there is a dire consequence; the first man to sleep with a woman who has taken the herb will die. After much handwringing, Lucrezia and Nicia agree to allow another man to spend the night with her. Callimaco, of course, is happy to oblige. Considered an Italian literature classic, Niccolo Machiavelli's 500-year-old sex farce is a hilarious, yet probing look at dishonesty, greed and the fallacies of the church. In this new translation by Vinnie Marano and Ollie Rasini, original songs have been added to accentuate the play's timeless themes, and special attention is paid to Brother Timothy's role in the deceptive plot.
The Roses On The Rocks  | Open: 06/04/09 Close: 06/27/09
Manhattan Theatre Source presents the world premiere of Ellen Boscov’s evocative play The Roses on the Rocks.

In a time and place hovering between dreams and reality, a prostituted, orphaned Latina teenager, and her pimp’s widow attempt to form a loving family in a house haunted by evil.  After her pimp Bill’s death, Blossom, nearly 15-years-old and HIV-positive, has no where to turn.  Guided by his wicked ghost, she visits his grieving widow, Peggy, and slowly the two women form a bond.  As Blossom’s Quinceañera nears, she and Peggy confront their past and improbable future.

Directed by Richard Caliban (Homo Sapien Shuffle), The Roses on the Rocks features a cast including Scott Sowers (Broadway revival, A Streetcar Named Desire), Rachel Jones (Broadway, Meet Me in St. Louis), Fulvia Vergel and Elia Monte-Brown and musicians Helena Epsvall and Alberto Villa-Lobos.  The creative team includes Edward T. Morris (set design), Kia Rogers (lighting) and Rana Santacruz (original music).  Dana Rossi serves as the stage manager.

The St. Ignatius First Annual Hanukkah Pageant  | Open: 12/15/08 Close: 12/22/08
The Rosenblums move to Cricket Creek, North Dakota and the townspeople hail their very first Jewish residents by celebrating the adorable Jewish version of Christmas called Channukah! After exhaustive research into Jewish history and humor, drama club
president/playwright/director/auteur Arlene proudly unveils the FIRST ANNUAL ST. IGNATIUS HANUKKAH PAGEANT!

Written by Mac Rogers. Directed by Jordana Williams

The Workroom  | Open: 11/23/05 Close: 11/26/05
World War II devastated the face of Europe in a way that is difficult for those who were not there to understand. We can only try to imagine what it is like to live in a world torn to shreds. The post-war years of reconstruction reflected this devastation. When the war was finally over and the shouts of victory faded, the survivors were left to salvage what they could of their lives. "THE WORKROOM" is a portrait of these survivors—six women and two men—laboring desperately in a cramped and airless tailor's workroom as they attempt to repair their shattered lives.

The American version is by Daniel A. Stein with Sara O'Connor.

Universal Robots  | Open: 02/12/09 Close: 03/07/09
The year is 2009. The last human being died in 1971. “Each year we gather together to tell the story that we never ever forget."

A science fiction thriller, love story, political allegory, redemptive tragedy and fast-paced entertainment, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS offers a compelling, alternate history of the Twentieth Century, starting with the invention of the robot in 1921 and chronicling the extraordinary consequences of that invention, which changes the world forever.

Mac Rogers freely adapted Czech playwright Karel Capek's seminal 1921 play R.U.R., which introduced the word "robot" to the world. Universal Robots departs significantly from Capek's script, offering a meaty and riveting story of war, love, faith, technology and the power of art to change the world, for both good and ill.

Universal Robots  | Open: 07/09/07 Close: 07/19/07
A love story, political allegory, and redemptive tragedy, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS freely adapts Czech playwright Karel Capek's seminal 1921 play R.U.R., which introduced the word "robot" to the world. UNIVERSAL ROBOTS departs significantly from Capek's script, offering a riveting story of war, love, faith, technology and the power of art to change the world, for both good and ill.

After the Great War ends, Czechoslovakia has a thriving artistic community that includes celebrated playwright Karel Capek. But history changes when a young woman walks into Karel's life with a strange mannequin in a wheelchair… a mannequin that gets up and moves all by itself!

UNIVERSAL ROBOTS tells the compelling, alternate history of the Twentieth Century, beginning with the invention of the robot through the destruction of Nazi Germany at the hands of the robot army, and concluding with the horrifying robot rebellion against the human race.

What I Meant Was... The Odd, Short-ish Plays Of Vinnie Marano  | Open: 09/21/11 Close: 10/01/11
 What I Meant Was… is a fun filled journey through mind of one of the most versatile and original voices in New York Independent Theater. An artistic smorgasbord of bizarre characters, hilarious stories and quiet introspection, What I Meant Was... is a series of comic and serio-comic dialogues that cover the gamut of human folly and affectation. From a rebellious teen coming of age in 1950’s Princeton, to rivals wrestlers with a secret, to two men of a certain age waiting for the women in their lives who have more in common than they know, it is at turns a whimsical, passionate and thrilling evening of theater.    

About the Company: Manhattan Theatre Source

Manhattantheatresource is a not-for-profit art service organization celebrating its fifth anniversary. Its 55-seat theatre, book store and cabaret, run by full-time volunteers, have afforded more than 2,400 artists opportunities to work in over 475 productions. The Source also provides workshops, marketing and design support, voiceover and video editing services and career consulting to local artists.

Witch Christmas!  | Open: 12/17/08 Close: 12/28/08
Witch Christmas! features two evil witches, who fill their creepy, old house to the rafters with useless junk. Determined to have a holiday party, but with no room to fit more witches in, the two harridans adopt three innocent from the local orphanage to clean the house. Only Santa can save the day.

Set to verse and narrated by a different Secret Special Guest Artist each night.

Written & Directed by Sharon Fogarty.