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Blue Coyote's Happy Endings  | Open: 02/12/08 Close: 03/01/08
Strippers, go-go boys, porn star wannabes, hustlers and hos take to the stage.

Blue Coyote Theater group commissioned ten of their favorite playwrights to create new short plays on the lives of sex workers.

Presented in a stripped-down style, the plays are raunchy, funny, and surprisingly tender. Working hard for the money are: . David Johnston (Busted Jesus Comix, Candy & Dorothy, The Oresteia) . Blair Fell (Burning Habits, The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun) . Boo Killebrew (They're Just Like Us) . Matthew Freeman (The Most Wonderful Love, Interview with the Author) . Stan Richardson (The Children) . David Foley (Paradise) . John Yearley (Leap) . Christine Whitley and Brian Fuqua.

Busted Jesus Comix  | Open: 07/13/05 Close: 08/07/05
When 19 year old Marco created a comic book, the community leaders of Tallahassee, Florida took him to court for obsenity. They won. Now Marco is a convicted felon, and banned by law from drawing for three years. Loosely based on a shocking Florida court case. BUSTED JESUS COMIX is irrevently funny, whip-smart and incredibly relevant, serving as a cautionary tale for the "culture wars" playing out our national political stage
Conversations On Russian Literature
plus Three More Plays
 | Open: 02/11/09 Close: 03/07/09
Playwright David Johnston returns to Blue Coyote with the New York premieres of four short plays: CONVERSATIONS ON RUSSIAN LITERATURE, PLAY RUSSIA, FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE LIVED IN FRANCE and MOTHRA IS WAITING. Each play examines the romanticism, idealism and absurdism of journeys to other countries (and sometimes other planets) through the prism of David Johnston’s “fertile imagination” and his “trademark off-kilter sensibility” (New York Times).

In PLAY RUSSIA—a must-see for theater nerds—Mr. Johnston upends the most revered Russian playwright, Chekhov, with hilarious results. MOTHRA IS WAITING finds two middle-aged chanteuses waiting for the cult-horror-classic bug Mothra to rescue them from their meaningless lives in Bridgeport to become Goddesses on Infant Island. The Francophile desires of Henry Kissinger, Mary Queen of Scots and modern-day American Lunelle Snead converge in FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE LIVED IN FRANCE. In CONVERSATIONS ON RUSSIAN LITERATURE, we return to Russia where post-Cold War espionage and intrigue collides with Russia’s literary masters.

The cast features Frank Anderson, Laura Desmond, Tracey Gilbert, Carter Adams Jackson, David Lapkin, Jonna McElrath, Katherine Puma, Amanda Ronconi, Jane Titus and Matthew Trumbull.

Glee Club  | Open: 03/03/10 Close: 04/03/10
About eight misfit members of Romeo, Vermont’s cut-throat Glee Club. They are on the verge of meltdown after their soloist makes the disastrous decision to save his own life. Will they be ready in time for the big recital? And isn’t music the most important thing? GLEE CLUB is a comedy about singing. Singing makes people happy.

The cast features Bruce Barton, Robert Buckwalter, Steven Burns, David DelGrosso, Carter Jackson, Stephen Speights, Tom Staggs and Matthew Trumbull.

The design team includes Robert Monaco (sets), Wheeler Kincaid (lighting) and Jonna McElrath (costumes). Susan Sunday is the Production Stage Manager.

Matthew Freeman’s (playwright) plays include The Death of King Arthur (Gorilla Repertory Theater); Reasons for Moving (The Local Productions); Genesis (Handcart Ensemble); 465 (Metropolitan Playhouse); The Great Escape, The Americans, The Most Wonderful Love, What To Do To A Girl, The White Swallow and When is a Clock (Blue Coyote Theater Group); Trayf, An Interview with the Author, Glee Club and Exposition (The Brick Theater). The Death of King Arthur was anthologized in Plays and Playwrights 2002 and is published by Playscripts, Inc. Monologues from Arthur have been catalogued by Smith & Kraus and Playscripts, Inc. Trayf (under the title Rabbi Hersh and the Talking Lobster) will soon be available from Playscripts, Inc. His adaptation of the mystery plays, Genesis, can be found in the anthology Playing with Canons, published by the New York Theatre Experience, Inc. When is a Clock is published by Samuel French. As a freelance writer, he has contributed to Maxim Online, MTV Magazine, Complex Magazine, MSN City Guides, and Gamespy. He was the event writer for the 5th Annual New York Innovative Theater Awards and maintains a well-regarded and read theater-related blog.

Kyle Ancowitz (Director) is a founding member of Blue Coyote Theater Group. Directing credits with Blue Coyote include premieres of Matthew Freeman's The Most Wonderful Love, The Great Escape, An Interview with the Author (Brick Theater’s Pretentious Festival Award-winner), What To Do To a Girl, The White Swallow and When Is a Clock; Kristen Palmer’s Departures and Something Decent; Brilliant Traces; Wanda’s Visit; The Author’s Voice; Nebraska; Psychopathia Sexualis; Kingfish; Dimly Perceived Threats to the System; A Phone Call from Washington State; Late at Night; and Saturday with Martin. Former directing resident at Playwrights Horizons. Technical Director for Access Theater. Graduate of Dartmouth College.

Help Wanted: A Personal Search for Meaninful Employment at the Start of the 21st Century  | Open: 03/15/06 Close: 04/02/06
Josh Lefkowitz gives an epic, tour-de-force performance in an original and engaging show by this rising-star monologist. Fresh out of college, Lefkowitz was a struggling actor, working as a parking lot attendant when he was introduced to the work of Spalding Gray. Gray's compelling and deeply personal monologues influenced Lefkowitz so greatly, that he embarked on a quest to meet his icon.