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Christine Jorgensen Reveals  | Open: 07/12/05 Close: 07/28/05
"MY ONLY ANSWER IS THAT I AM MORE OF A WOMAN THAN A MAN." George Jorgensen always knew he was different. In 1952, he traveled from New York to Denmark to undergo a sex change operation. When he returned as Christine, she was the subject of curiosity and controversy, and the most famous woman in America.

In CHRISTINE JORGENSEN REVEALS, Bradford Louryk brings his lipsynched recreation of America's first famous transsexual's only recorded interview to life. The result is a disarming and enlightening new play about personhood and the nature of humanity in which Ms. Jorgensen – displaying extraordinary intellect, charisma, poise, and grace – speaks candidly about her sensational life.

CHRISTINE JORGENSEN REVEALS will be presented at the 2005 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival beginning August 6, 2005