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An Inquiry into Human Understanding/Century of Progress  | Open: 04/16/07 Close: 05/07/07
Comedian Tim Ellis ponders the big questions while sweating the small stuff. A collection of discourses on such philosophical quandaries as reality TV, fast food, and the female anatomy, Inquiry includes stories, dancing, diatribes, and embarrassing admissions. ("Smart, humorous, and engaging...downright hilarious."— Afterwards, stick around for scenes from Tim's upcoming variety show, Century of Progress. The progressive cast includes Melanie Martinez, Bob McClure, Kate Reilly, and Matthew Park.
Classy  | Open: 03/24/08 Close: 03/24/08
Classy is a brand new sketch comedy group featuring Sam Foreman, Aaron Kheifets, James Rich and Dave Warth. They are directed by Kevin Allison from MTV's The State. All two out of four of the members have participated and medaled in the 2000 Hawaii Armed Forces Women's Middle Weight Bodybuilding Competition. All four members have at one time or another received haircuts.
Everybody Wants A Piece of Braeson  | Open: 04/09/06 Close: 04/25/06
"Braeson is at a crossroads. As an anti-socialite, he knows it takes work to share with people. But is life alone more appealing than having a friend? Did his isolation start when the other kids teased him, and said he looked like Annie? And is his name really that complicated to spell AND say? Get the answers to these questions...and "Everybody Wants A Piece of Braeson"...The show that dare not speak its name...until you can pronounce it right."
Freedumb  | Open: 07/12/05 Close: 07/26/05
Republican fanatics, uber-liberals, cheating husbands, slutty women, the Bush twins, abortionists and pornographers all converge in FREEDUMB. A new sketch show that explores America's moral fiber...or lack thereof.

Written & Performed by Andrea Alton, Laura Crocenzi, Robin Gelfenbien, David Spiecher, Theron Steiner, Allen Warnock, Marshall York

Rue Brutalia is Literally On Fire.  | Open: 02/01/08 Close: 02/22/08
Rue Brutalia returns from Chicago with a new run, and a bible full of fresh material - THAT WE HAVE LIT ON FIRE....just a little. Its time to join the revolution. The Rue is back.

"Inventive...Jon Pack and Jason Kalter create sketches you may have trouble getting out of your head." - Hy On Theatre Reviews, NYC Comedy Picks

Unaccessorized  | Open: 04/06/06 Close: 04/27/06
A queer overachieving Filipino comes out at age 14, facing hate crimes at school, prayer vigils from Mom and the threat of electroshock therapy from Dad. Wrestling with his family's expectations of medical school and his own dreams of fashion design, he escapes the suburban cornfields of Illinois to the streets of New York City. Will he find love, enlightenment and theperfect shade of beige? Through sharp humor, poignant truth, lush sound design and crisp choreography, this autobiopic romp shreds cultural legacy into a hilariously insightful adventure.