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9 Students 11 Questions  | Open: 04/18/07 Close: 04/22/07
In 9 STUDENTS 11 QUESTIONS, boys at a catholic high school on the lower east side of Manhattan share the results of interviews they have conducted with other students, teachers, and workers in the school through a series of dramatic conventions. Over the course of the play, 9 high school aged drama students play about 40 different characters and explore the voices behind 9/11/2001. The show was created under the direction of Michael Roderick, a graduate of the Master's program at NYU in Educational Theatre Colleges and Communities, and for many of the students it is their first time on stage. Come and hear the voices of the youth and share in their stories.
Get S.o.m.!  | Open: 05/10/09 Close: 05/23/09
Theatre of the Small-Eyed Bear, a new repertory theatre company formed by the union of Theatre of the Expendable, Small Pond Entertainment, and Cross-Eyed Bear Productions will present GET S.O.M.! at The Workshop Theater in midtown Manhattan, May 10-30. In today’s declining economy it’s getting harder and harder for indie theatre companies to be able to afford to produce their work in New York City. These three companies have banded together to share production costs, performance space, design teams, and resources to present a month long repertory merger of three bold new plays, Squiggy and the Goldfish by Lenny Schwartz, Ore, or Or by Duncan Pflaster, and Mare Cognitum by David McGee (S.O.M.).

The creative team for GET S.O.M.! includes Wilburn Bonnell (Lighting Design), Jesse L. Hathaway (Props Design), Jennifer Raskopf (Costume Design), Elisha Schaefer (Set Design), Jared M. Silver (Sound Design), and Norah Turnham (Production Manager).

Theatre of the Expendable presents
Mare Cognitum
By David McGee
Directed by Jesse Edward Rosbrow
Featuring Devon Caraway, Justin Howard, and Kyle Walter
Previews Saturday, May 9 at 6pm & Tuesday, May 12 at 7pm
Opening Night Friday, May 15 at 7pm
Saturday, May 16 at 4:15pm, Sunday, May 17 at 7pm, Thursday, May 21 at 8pm, Saturday, May 23 at 1pm & 9:15pm, Sunday, May 24 at 4:15pm, Wednesday, May 27 at 8pm, Friday May 29 at 9:45pm, and Saturday, May 30 at 7pm.

A country on the brink of war. A city wracked by ineffectual protests. An extraordinarily odd job interview. Faced with such perils, three young idealists do the only thing they can: fly to the Moon in a homemade rocketship.

David McGee (Playwright) Over and Over; Mare Cognitum (Theatre of the Expendable/FringeNYC 2008; original workshop Spring Fever Festival 2007); Bridges (Garage Ensemble 2008); Thanksgiving! A! Pageant! and Sex, Lies, and February: A Pageant (Ad Nauseum Lyceum 2007-2008); Chess'd! (Spring Fever Festival 2007); The Very End of the Whole Entire World (Thee Theatre Reading Series 2006); Burning Cities Project: Vulcanalia (Dreamscape/FringeNYC 2006).

Jesse Edward Rosbrow (Director) the New York premiere of Vaçlav Havel's Audience, Unveiling, Protest (John Housman Studio Theater); Mare Cognitum (Theatre of the Expendable/FringeNYC 2008); Three Sisters, Dick 2 (a.k.a. Richard II), 6:1 (Theatre of the Expendable); Fallout (a radio play by David McGee, The Dreamscape Theatre). Other companies he's worked with include: The Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Roundtable Ensemble, Quo Vadimus Arts, Beacon Productions. Jesse is also an experienced producer. He received a BA from Vassar College, where he studied Drama (mostly directing) and Classics (mostly dead guys). Jesse is TotE's Artistic Director.

Small Pond Entertainment presents
Squiggy and the Goldfish
By Lenny Schwartz
Directed by Michael Roderick
Featuring Dana Aber*, Elyse Ault, Eric C. Bailey*, Joshua Breslow*, Jonathan Miles*, Sarah Novotny, Joe Testa*, and Katrina Ylimaki.
*Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity. Showcase approval pending.
Previews Sunday, May 10 at 2pm & Wednesday, May 13 at 7pm
Opening Night Friday, May 15 at 9:15pm
Saturday, May 16 at 6:30pm, Sunday, May 17 at 1pm, Tuesday, May 19 at 8pm, Friday, May 22 at 6:30pm, Saturday, May 23 at 3:15pm, Sunday, May 24 at 6:30pm, Thursday, May 28 at 8pm, and Saturday, May 30 at1pm & 9:15pm.

Squiggy has a lot of problems. His home life is rough, his love life sucks, and his goldfish has just started talking to him. But things are about to change. In the play of Squiggy's life, he's about to make some cuts. Will he find the answers he's looking for or will he end up at the bottom of the goldfish bowl?

Lenny Schwartz (Playwright) A graduate of Rhode Island College, Lenny's plays include. The Scarecrow, Time Thirteen, and The Wire Game amongst others. In 1999 He formed Daydream Theatre Company (Providence RI) with his wife Sara and co-partner Jim Belanger, a venture which is still going strong in RI to this very day. More recently, Lenny's play The Scarecrow had it's New York debut in 2008 produced by Small Pond Entertainment in New York City, a play that earned The Motif Magazine award for "Best New Work." Lenny currently resides in North Scituate RI.

Michael Roderick (Director) As Artistic Director of Small Pond Entertainment, Michael has produced over 40 shows and is currently associate producer of ROOMS: A Rock Romance Off Broadway as well as The New Hopeville Comics Off Broadway. He holds a BA in Secondary Ed English and Theatre performance from Rhode Island College and an MA from NYU in Educational Theatre Colleges and Communities. Michael also teaches English at LaSalle Academy where he is the head of the drama program. He has written 15 plays and his plays I'll do it Tomorrow, PROPS, and The Disruptive, Discursive, Delusions of Donald have been featured in the Best American Short Plays published by Applause books. He also blogs daily at

Cross-Eyed Bear Productions presents
Ore, or Or
By Duncan Pflaster
Directed by Laura Moss
Featuring E. Calvin Ahn*, Elizabeth Erwin*, Clara Barton Green, Rachel Lin, Shawn McLaughlin, and Robert Torigoe*. *Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity.
Previews Sunday, May 10 at 6pm & Thursday, May 14 at 7pm,
Opening Night Saturday, May 16 at 1pm & 9:15pm
Sunday, May 17 at 3:45pm, Wednesday, May 20 at 8pm, Friday, May 22 at 9:15pm, Saturday, May 23 at 6pm, Sunday, May 24 at 1pm, Tuesday, May 26 at 8pm, Friday, May 29 at 6:30pm, and Saturday, May 30 at 3:45pm.

A zen exploration of the gap between truth and convenient fictions that employs the known facts about General Tomoyuki Yamashita and his legendary gold to illuminate the tangled love lives of four disaffected New Yorkers trying to ignore their pasts.

Duncan Pflaster (Playwright) is the author of several plays, most recently Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants, which had its Multi-Award-Winning, critically acclaimed production in the 2008 Midtown International Theater Festival, and Admit Impediments which premiered as part of the MITF's first "Next Step” Developmental Series in 2007. He won the Spotlight On award for "Best New Script" 2 years running, for the existential comedy Eternity: Time Without End, and for an earlier staged reading of Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants in 2006. Other plays include The Thyme of the Season, The Wastes of Time, Dik and Jayne Are Not The Same, Sleeping in Tomorrow (nominated for a 2004 Spotlight On award), Amazing Dædalus, the book and lyrics for the pansexual soap opera musical Eskimo (music by Adam Rabin of the band “Mailbox”), and the drag queen Alice In Wonderland adaptation Wilder & Wilder. He was chosen for the 2nd Small Pond Producer Sprint (2 weeks to put up an hour of material), where he developed his ten-minute plays The Fugly Train, First to Fall Asleep, and Hold thy Peace, Thou Knave. His one-act Patrick and Lisa’s Wedding was produced September 2008 by DeBaun Center for the Performing Arts, as part of the Hudson County One-act Festival. Coming soon- the vampire play Suckers in the first annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, June 2009.

Laura Moss (Director) A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Laura is the current artistic director of Quo Vadimus Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to cross-cultural exchange. Theatrical directing credits include: Dreamboy (Manhattan Theatre Source), Diagnosis Jew Pain (w/ Michael Feldman NY, SF Fringe), Descent (Edinburgh Festival Fringe, AD), Women and Wallace (Ambitious Theatre Co.), and Death and the Maiden (Meisner Theater). Laura has performed her own work in The 9/11 Project (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) and Burning Cities (NY Fringe Festival). She is currently working with writing partner Michael Feldman on The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Musical.

Out Of Askja  | Open: 06/04/11 Close: 06/23/11

Broadway performers appear in the world premiere of OUT OF ASKJA, a magical, comedic love story written by Drew Larimore, as part of the 3rd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.  

What happens when Caroline Miller falls off a cliff of one of Iceland's most treacherous volcanoes and into the arms of a nearby cowboy?  With an imminent eruption and a troll at every turn, getting out of Askja proves a mystical challenge of superhuman proportions. Welcome to Iceland! Leave your inhibitions at the door - and your secrets.

"I wrote OUT OF ASKJA in an attempt to bring the mystical world of Iceland to the American stage,” explained playwright Drew Larimore. “In doing so, I've crafted not only a complicated love story, but a magical one in a place where trucks disappear out of thin air, trolls are the ultimate puppet masters and the chance to rewrite your own story, no matter how far along you are in your journey, is still possible."

Director Jesse Edward Rosbrow stated, "I love fairy tales – the old, dark ones - and Iceland's a great setting for a play with supernatural tricksters and mountains with agendas.  It's a place where people really do still believe in superstitions like elves and trolls, and that they'll trick you and seriously screw you up if you let them. In OUT OF ASKJA, Drew has transcended the traditional girl-meets-guy story with clashing cultures, transforming trolls, and a sentient volcano. It's wonderfully theatrical, while keeping its truthful emotional grounding."

Small Pond Entertainment Presents: Props  | Open: 07/18/05 Close: 07/27/05
After a brutal breakup, a properties artist dives desperately into his work. His friends begin to worry as he becomes more and more obsessed with his newest project: a woman. When the prop he's working on comes to life, he is forced to make some painful decisions about love and relationships before everything starts burning up around him. A play that asks whether or not we find those we love or create them, Props will leave every audience member with something to ponder.
Stone Cold Dead Serious  | Open: 02/02/07 Close: 02/18/07
An intense, ironic play about a family on the outskirts of Chicago severely down on their luck. Dad stays at home after being injured on the job, addicted to pain killers and the Home Shopping Network; Mom works a dead-end waitress job; their teenage daughter is drug-addicted, living on the streets...There may be hope, however, in the form of their video game obsessed teenage son, Wynne. But he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice -- participating in a real-life fight-to-the-death video game competition!
True Genius  | Open: 09/23/07 Close: 10/07/07
TRUE GENIUS tells the unfolding story of a boy genius named Scooter who also happens to be a pathological liar. As Scooter falls in love with another pathological liar named Lila, and an eccentric psychologist pries at his past, Scooter's bizarre family history begins to unravel and he comes to question everything his mother has led him to believe is real. In the end, we're forced to ask, "Is Scooter crazy?" Or is his love for Lila breaking through to his sanity? Is she curing him? Or worse, is she not even there?