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3GRACES THEATER CO. was founded in 2004 with a mission to stage women's stories, deliver solid dramaturgy, build a strong ensemble, and give back to the community. 3Graces kicked off its inaugural season last November with A PIECE OF MY HEART by Shirley Lauro, the first of its mainstage War Stories series which will be continued by LADYHOUSE BLUES. 3Graces donated part of the proceeds from A PIECE OF MY HEART to the American Red Cross. Running in repertory was the company's first GraceNotes production, David's Balls, a solo piece starring company member Margot Avery.

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Flyer  | Open: 10/21/05 Close: 11/06/05
At the height of the Cold War, a woman fights for the right to fly for America in space. Based on the true account of the Mercury 13, the first US female astronaut-testing program in the early 1960s, FLYER tells the story of fictional pilot Fran Douglas. Through her relentless determination and vivid imagination, Fran reveals a rarely mentioned moment in NASA history in a highly theatrical and inventive way.
Ladyhouse Blues  | Open: 06/16/05 Close: 07/01/05
Says Clive Barnes of the New York Times, "Kevin O'Morrison's LADYHOUSE BLUES is a strangely atmospheric play, which at times has the haunting quality of Chekhov ... extremely moving and extraordinarily evocative." Set in August 1919 in St. Louis, a working-class American mother and her daughters await the return of husbands, sons, and brothers from World War I. While all of the ladies look forward to better days to come, each has a unique view of her changing world. War is altering the foundation of American society, and transforming this family's relationships to their country and to each other. Continues Barnes, "In a remarkably unaffected way, LADYHOUSE BLUES appears to pinpoint just that evolution." Interlaced with the music that comforts the women and punctuates their work and leisure, LADYHOUSE BLUES is a compelling ensemble portrait of five American women and their place in a war-scarred nation.

LADYHOUSE BLUES will feature 3Graces Theater Co.'s signature attention to dramaturgy by immersing both the audience and artists in the world of the play, from special rehearsals for the cast such as trips to New York City's Tenement Museum, to interactive theater lobby displays and post-performance discussions. Chelsea Silverman and Elizabeth Bunnell are co-producers of the two productions in repertory, LADYHOUSE BLUES and THE LOWER EAST SIDE PROJECT; Alexis Distler provides scenic design and Patrick T. Cecala II lighting design for both shows. LADYHOUSE BLUES is directed by Marc Weitz; the cast includes Dorothy Abrahams, Kathleen Bishop, Kelli Lynn Harrison, Nitra Gutiérrez, Annie McGovern, and an onstage ensemble of preachers, vendors, and neighbors. John D. Ivy serves as musical director and has composed original music for the show. Costumes are designed by Veneda Truesdale. Bill Kuhrt is Stage Manager. Helping the cast and audience better understand the world of the play are dramaturgs Emily Mitchell, Dorothy Abrahams, and Suzanne Barbetta.

Continuing 3Graces' mission of community service, its June 23 performance of LADYHOUSE BLUES at 8pm will be preceded by a Gala benefit evening featuring live music at 7pm. Proceeds from the gala will benefit The Bottomless Closet; suggested donation for the entire evening is $30. The Bottomless Closet is a not-for-profit organization created to promote women's economic self-sufficiency by providing interview skills, business clothing, and ongoing career development and support programs to economically disadvantaged women in New York City. www.BottomlessClosetNYC.org.

LADYHOUSE BLUES is the second offering of 3Graces Theater Co.'s mainstage series, War Stories, which explores the lives of women during wartime. LADYHOUSE BLUES will run in repertory with the GraceNotes work-in-progress, THE LOWER EAST SIDE PROJECT, at the Linhart Theater at 440 Studios. War Stories will continue this fall with WARRIOR by Shirley Gee.

Neglect  | Open: 10/10/06 Close: 10/25/06
Based on the 1995 Chicago heat wave that claimed the lives of over seven hundred elderly residents, mostly African-Americans who lived in social isolation, NEGLECT is the story of an elderly woman, Rose, and her young neighbor, Joseph, who come together on the first day of the heat wave to escape the unbearable heat and their own feelings of loneliness. A story of social responsibility, NEGLECT is an often funny, deeply moving play about what holds us together and what keeps us apart.
Nickel and Dimed  | Open: 10/05/06 Close: 10/28/06
The play features the character of Barbara Ehrenreich, a journalist who is given an assignment to try to live as a woman working minimum wage jobs for a month. Barbara tackles the job, traveling to three different cities to find housing and employment – as a nursing home worker, waitress, housecleaner, and store employee. NICKEL AND DIMED asks – can a middle-aged, middle-class white woman make it on minimum wage in middle America?

Spring Shorts 2006  | Open: 05/10/06 Close: 05/14/06
In the world premiere of SHOT AMERICANS by Kayla Cagan, the sins of the father are swallowed in shots. Directed by Elizabeth Bunnell.

On a glorious spring day, an American business woman finds herself in the basement of St. Gervais Church in Paris where a pregnant teenage immigrant and nun try to help the woman come to terms with her faith – what if the only thing that separates ordinary people from the saints is not the gift itself, but the capacity to understand the call? ANNUNCIATION by Kelli Lynn Harrison was written specifically for 3Graces Theater Co., and this is the world premiere of the piece. Directed by Kathleen Bishop.

In ROLLER COASTER by Kayla Cagan, a brother and sister play dangerous games. Roller Coaster had a reading at the Gerswhin Theater, NYC in 2004 and was performed at the KGB Bar Red Room in 2005. Directed by Kelli Lynn Harrison.

In REMIND ME AGAIN by Sharyn Rothstein, Miranda is horrified when a stranger tries to kiss her on the street, but her anger soon turns to confusion when her female co-workers celebrate her attack. Remind Me Again was first produced at Ensemble Studio Theatre in 2003 and has since been produced in NYC several times since. It will soon be published in the 2006 Estrogenius compilation of plays and it was a finalist in the 2004 Actor's Theatre of Louisville Ten Minute Play Contest. Directed by Kelli Lynn Harrison.

An ex-wife and a widow argue over a house....and a husband in HOUSEPLAY by Arlene Hutton. HOUSEPLAY , one of Ms. Hutton's first plays, written while she was a member artist at Alice's Fourth Floor, premiered in 1995 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in an evening of Hutton's one-acts performed by The Journey Company. The same production, I DREAM BEFORE I TAKE THE STAND AND OTHER PLAYS by Arlene Hutton, was presented at the first New York Fringe Festival, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston. Directed by Margot Avery.

After scattering the ashes of her mother as well as her sister's cat, and relaying the entire story to a perfect stranger, Branwyn discovers the tenderness that results from our most humiliating moments in I THINK YOU THINK I LOVE YOU by Kelly Younger. The play has been produced numerous times in California and North Carolina. I THINK YOU THINK I LOVE YOU, New York, forthcoming publication by Playscripts, Inc.; monologue from I THINK YOU THINK I LOVE YOU in "Audition Arsenal for Women in their Twenties." Directed by Kathleen Bishop.

Mollie is a Big Freakin' Movie Star, and she's granted you the privilege of an interview – so grab a pen and a sippy cup, and behold the great funhouse mirror of superstarletcelebritydom in TRUE DREAMS OF WICHITA by Katharine Clark Gray. TRUE DREAMS OF WICHITA was first performed at the People's Improv Theater in April 2005 and was reprised in July 2005 at the same venue. Directed by Elizabeth Bunnell.

SPRING SHORTS 2006 features 3Graces company members and guest artists: Margot Avery*, Suzanne Barbetta*, Elizabeth Bunnell, Ryan K. Burke, Patrick T. Cecala II, Nitra Gutiérrez, Kelli Lynn Harrison, John D. Ivy, Shevy Katan, Annie McGovern*, Jennifer McKenna, Catherine McNelis*, Chelsea Silverman. Technical director Patrick T. Cecala II, sound design by John D. Ivy. Production stage manager Jennifer B. Havey, stage manager Kelly Brown.
The Power Of Birds  | Open: 02/22/10 Close: 03/13/10
When an ornithologist father suddenly abandons his family to follow the birds, Mom moves her 12 year-old twins and mother-in-law to a new state for a fresh start. Zoe thinks her heart will stop beating without her father; her bookish Ivy League-bound twin brother deals pot at school in an attempt to be cool; Grandma just wants to sexually commune with her late husband via the sunset; and Mom is convinced that some good old-fashioned team sports and a properly assembled lasagna will fix the family. Any way the wind blows, when the birds begin their winter migration, this family will magically never be the same.