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Project Playwright II  | Open: 11/14/06 Close: 11/19/06
Featuring new works by William Campbell, Robert Charles Gompers, Paul F. Hancock, Erik Christian Hanson, Craig McNulty, Mark Saunders, Michael Small, and Andrew W. Turner.

Directed by Melani Adair, Tim Farrell, Robert Charles Gompers, and Antonio Merenda.

With Marc Baizman, Morgan Baker, Jeff Bloovman, Ed Domingues, Rene Ashli Fulton, Robert Marlowe, Marisa Marquez, Carly Miller, Candice Owens, Werner Pauliks, and Amybeth Whissel.

Stage Manager Wren Sheldon

Lighting Designer Brandon Voight

Costumes & Make-up Meredith Magoun

Project Playwright...The Show  | Open: 06/21/05 Close: 06/26/05
MADAIR Productions Presents a collection of previously unproduced short plays by fresh, talented playwrights from around the country. Together they create a study of varying degrees of dysfunction in humanity: from the heartfelt to the absurd, revealing inner demons, and exploring tabloid fantasies.

Featuring Plays by; Jacob Burstein-Stern, Michelle Carter, Rich Frost, Craig McNulty, and Adrian Quihuis.

Welcome Home Steve by Craig McNulty  | Open: 04/25/06 Close: 05/07/06
From the writer of 9Hours to Fallujah and Che Guevara Would Never go to Starbucks comes a black comedy about five friends involved in debauchery, delusions, drink, drugs, dealing, deception, and death on a hot Brooklyn night...
What You Don't Know About Women...and should never ask!  | Open: 10/01/06 Close: 10/08/06
A Musical Revue with a little enlight'ning on ladies and love.
Women of Manhattan  | Open: 07/17/07 Close: 07/22/07
Described by the author as "an Upper West Side story," this provocative, brilliantly stylized and often very funny play delves into the lives of three upscale Manhattan female "yuppies" whose financial success is counterbalanced by their unmet emotional needs.