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Boundless as the Sea  | Open: 06/07/05 Close: 06/26/05
Productions of
The Tempest & Twelfth Night

Two of the Shakespeare works – which deal dramatically (Tempest) and comedically (Twelfth Night) with the idea that to love someone, you must be willing to give something up.

In THE TEMPEST, Prospero realizes that he must not only let Miranda go because he loves her, but must give up his quest for vengeance and the safety of the island he has lived on for the past sixteen years and return to the world.

In TWELFTH NIGHT, we watch as desperately lonely characters hilariously give up their identity (Viola), dignity (Malvolio and Olivia) money (Sir Andrew) and anything else they can find to try to be with the person they love. By the end of both shows, the characters are happier, or at least wiser, as is the audience who has shred with them the experience of learning what it means to love another person.

The Turn of The Screw  | Open: 10/27/06 Close: 11/12/06
An adaptation of the Henry James novel.