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7th International Toy Theater Festival  | Open: 06/10/05 Close: 06/19/05
Hundreds of artists from around the world and around the neighborhood are converging on St. Ann's Warehouse for a 10-day celebration of the power of the miniature. Inspired by the nearly-extinct 19th-century toy theater (or "paper theater") form, the festival will feature experimental and traditional works from near and far. The Warehouse space will house small-scale performance arenas where dramatic spectacles will unfold, along with exhibitions, a late-night cabaret, family workshops, and more!

Labapaloza!  | Open: 05/20/05 Close: 05/29/05
Mini Festival of New Puppet Theater From TheLab

PROGRAM A: Fri May 20 | Sat May 28 | Sun May 29
PURITY TANK Created and directed by Sandra Burns and Tracy Otwell.
The disastrous molasses spill of 1919 killed 22 people (and several horses), and left the city of Boston sticky for decades.

LA MÔME BIJOUX Written and directed by Patti Bradshaw. Puppet/costumes by Christine Darch.
An aging coquette rhapsodizes on the past and the future. Inspired by Brassai's 1933 photographs.

THE PAINFUL ADVENTURES Created by Sally Oswald. Directed by Katie Pearl.
Design by Kara Feely.
Ms. Seabottom is in the middle of a series of personal crises. She finds distraction in a dusty stagecraft manual, but soon reality and fantasy intertwine as she rewrites the book with scenes from her own life.

UFO IN K. Designed and directed by Anna Kiraly and Kuba Gontarczyk.
K. must transport an enigmatic box to a colleague's sister. Only after the journey is complete are the contents revealed. So, what was inside?

PROGRAM B: Sat May 21 | Sun May 22 | Fri May 27
OUT OF TIME: A PUPPET SPECTACLE By Chris Skeens and David Lloyd Rabig.
A puppet unwittingly uncovers the truth of his existence and confronts the men at the end of his strings.

EL BÍLDIN ("The Building") Created and performed by Ricardo Muñiz.
Abuelita's neighborhood is changing and according to her landlord, she has got to go. But not without a fight!

PUNCH OF THE DEAD Created by Adam Cardone, Tom Lee, and Jared Stein.
Archaeologists discover a mysterious, turn-of-the-century, traveling puppet stage and a story of epic proportions is revealed!

THE CHRISTINE JORGENSEN STORY Created and performed by Brian Selznick.
"The most talked about girl in the world" in 1952, Christine Jorgensen was the first internationally famous transsexual.