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Madame Bovary - A Musical  | Open: 05/17/13 Close: 06/02/13
Passajj Productions will present Madame Bovary - a musical, based on the novel by Gustave Flaubert, at Roy Arias Stage IV, beginning May 17, 2013. Marlene Thorn Taber will direct this musical adaptation by renowned composer and lyricist Paul Dick. Hayley Hoffmeister will portray Emma Bovary and Roger Rathburn is cast in the role of Charles Bovary. Madame Bovary - a musical brings to life Flaubert's characters as they transition from youthful romanticism to mature reality except for Emma Bovary. This is the story of her passion.


Madame Bovary: a musical  | Open: 06/01/07 Close: 06/17/07
Madame Bovary, A Musical is Paul Dick's adaptation of Flaubert's novel about an imaginative, free-spirited woman who is trapped in a stifling marriage to a pedestrian, bourgeois husband. She tries to escape in a series of love affairs which finally lead to disaster. This musical is brought to the stage by the same team that produced last season's successful musical adaptation of "Wuthering Heights".
QUIET CRY: A musical murder mystery  | Open: 06/10/05 Close: 06/26/05
A musical mystery that takes place in the Maternity ward of a city hospital with new moms,
prostitutes, newborn babies, drug addicts, the homeless, a compassionate staff....and one murderer...
White Widow : A Sicilian Musical Passion  | Open: 05/09/08 Close: 05/25/08
White Widow, A Sicilian Musical Passion opens in a remote village in modern day Sicily. Villagers surround a man, kneeling, begging for his life. The villagers stone him to death. A reporter, Nesti, is sent by his newspaper up "North" to investigate why this barbaric, 'biblical', custom can still take place in modern Sicily. The villagers, ruled by Don Rosario, are silent. The reason for the stoning is finally, and shockingly, uncovered. "White Widow", in marked contrast to the normal expectation of a woman in mourning dressing in black, is also set against an unusual love story.
Wuthering Heights, A Romantic Musical  | Open: 06/11/10 Close: 06/27/10
Bronte's novel tells of an obsessive, ardent and doomed love between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, and how their terrifying passion eventually demolishes these two and many others. The classic tale has inspired many adaptations in all the arts, notably the 1939 film with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon directed by William Wyler. Some recent adaptations, in both theater and film, have been radically innovative, but Paul Dick's adaptation is remarkable in its faithfulness to the original story. When it was presented in 1999 and again in 2006 at the Mint Theater, it was deemed "an impressive achievement" and "one of the best musical bargains in town" by Elyse Sommer, writing in "Curtain Up!," who added that the show "effectively and melodiously moves the narrative through sixteen scenes of smoothly integrated dialogue and songs. It all adds up to a work that holds its own as a musical drama without trying to upstage or improve upon the story."

Paul Dick subtitled his adaptation "a romantic musical." It succeeds by selecting literally yet judiciously from the book (how can you beat lines like Catherine's "I am Heathcliff!"?) while crafting songs that are a keyhole into the characters' unspoken thoughts. The piece is scored mostly with arias (there is almost no recitative) that are warm and inviting, but which gird the play with tension. This kind of construction actually strengthens the strong roles of the story.

Director Matt Gutchick explains, "The music doesn't take us through the story, but we let it guide us." He adds, "Musically, the melodies of the arias don't quite go where your ear tells you they are leading. Sometimes, they resolve on unfinished chords; other times, there are rhythmic changes in mid-song that point to growing tension between two characters." It's perfect for the small stage of the Mint Theatre.

There are fourteen roles altogether, of which two are childen (young Heathcliff and young Catherine). The three main locations of the story--the house (Wuthering Heights), The Moors and The Grange--will be created for the Mint's compact playing area in a circular structure framed by sliding panels. Catherine's "ghost" will be rendered with stand-ins behind the famous window. As the story darkens, so will the environment; warm colors in costumes and lights will become noticeable by their scarcity.

Accompaniment throughout will be by musical director Michael Sheetz on a single piano, which suits the period of the play. There is occasional vocal augmentation from offstage in some of the choruses, but seldom is the entire ensemble seen together onstage.

Wuthering Heights: A Romantic Musical  | Open: 06/16/06 Close: 07/02/06
The unforgettable image of a woman's ghost clawing at the window of a lonely farmhouse chills the spine once more in Paul Dick's newest production, Wuthering Heights: A Romantic Musical, adapted from Emily Bronte's classic novel. It is a story of undying love, even beyond the grave. This moving, heart breaking, dramatic story is set to a soaring, beautifully romantic score.