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eavesdrop® is a New York City theatre and arts education collective dedicated to producing new American theatre and to the instruction of the arts and arts-integrated experiences for learners of all ages and abilities.

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Finishing House  | Open: 03/06/09 Close: 03/28/09
FINISHING HOUSE—Written by Jack Hanley and directed by Christopher Eaves, FINISHING HOUSE premieres at Dixon Place on MAR 6 and continues every Friday and Saturday through MAR 28. Curtain is at 7:30PM.

All hail the United States of Health! And all do. But terrifying rumors are spreading of a covert budgetary agency capping the life span of citizens. Elizabeth, living in a remote gentleman’s farmhouse in Connecticut, is fraught with paranoia of her own blue-blood husband. Is he one of the secret agents culling Americans with a mysterious device called the passion light?

Everything is at stake for Elizabeth, her lavish organic farm of strawberries and the safety of her homosexual son, a son destined for quarantine after sleeping around with her quality-controlled illegals. She’s no revolutionary. But the stranger at her door may be.

FINISHING HOUSE is performed by Natalie Ferrier, Jessica Howell and Bob Jaffe. Scenic Design by Leonel Valle. Lighting Design by Stephen Quandt. Sound Design by Joshua Coleman. Wardrobe & Makeup by Yveyi Yi. Original Music by Sarah Lynch.

SELF AT HAND—A Play in 3 Modules  | Open: 06/03/05 Close: 06/11/05
SELF AT HAND—A Play in 3 Modules is a post-tragic trilogy that snares the watcher in a future gone round the bend. It is a time when androids can be distinguished from humans only by the taste of their flesh, when celebrities are federally regulated, and when corpses are artificially animated for their funeral. Hilarity and cruelty clash in this post-natural time of see-through skull plates surgically implanted so we can see ourselves seeing ourselves.

Jack Hanley is a published poet, whose theatrical works have been seen on the stages of P.S. 122 and Dixon Place.

Christopher Eaves wrote and directed "TrueMyth"; a play inspired by the life and art of David Wojnarowicz that was chosen by The Advocate as 'Stage Best of the Year (2001).'

The cast includes underground starlet Cary Curran of Big Art Group and The Dazzle Dancers, Thom Sibbitt of Richard Foreman's "Maria del Bosco", and Christopher Eaves. Video by Christopher Eaves. Sound by Christopher Eaves and Joshua Coleman. Wardrobe by Nathalia Baca and Gary Baura. Styling and special effects by Gary Baura.