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The Architecture of Sight  | Open: 05/19/05 Close: 06/04/05
Environmental theatre at its most complete and potent, The Architecture of Sight is a noir tale set in an abstracted, surreal 1940's New York where The Chocolate Factory has been transformed into a seedy speakeasy. Nick Blank is a photographer who has placed the lens between himself, his life and the woman he loves (a woman he has never seen outside of a photograph).

Spiraling down into despair, Nick tries to escape himself at the Café Amnesia where a series of sideshow acts enable him to forget.but only for a fleeting moment. When he is forced to confront his fragmented memory he has to solve the puzzle of his life only to find out he doesn't like what he discovers!

Scored by the off-kilter jazz/Klezmer/Weill sound of Uncle Moon, Architecture is a multi-media event designed to activate all of the spaces at the Factory and of the audience's senses, in its use of staging, image, film and sound. The gallery of the theatre will serve as the entryway to Architecture and will feature the stunning images of Alice Attie ("The Changing Face of Harlem")