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Norman & Beatrice  | Open: 02/03/06 Close: 03/04/06
Norman is a charismatic retired civil servant and a loving husband and grandfather; but now that he has Alzheimer's, he can't be left alone and he can't be trusted. His devoted wife Beatrice is his soul mate and, in the end, his salvation. In a story spanning 50 years, and the onset of Norman's Alzheimer's, this powerful new play offers a revealing glimpse into the different chapters of their marriage, and takes an unflinching look at what it means to grow old.
There Goes The Neighborhood  | Open: 05/12/05 Close: 05/29/05
Deanna Pacelli and Mari Brown moved to Smith Street the year it became known as "Brooklyn's Restaurant Row." Being starving artists, they naturally started bartending on the Row to make ends meet. They soon realized there was more to the Row – and the rapidly gentrifying Carroll Gardens – than met the eye. Customers and neighbors gave them earfuls of opinions: many were vehemently against the change, many were passionately for the change; everyone had something to say. Mari and Deanna knew they had a play on their hands.

Four years, dozens of interviews, and hundreds of conversations later, THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD emerged – a one-woman show based on the words and views of the people of Carroll Gardens, who offer an insider's look at the phenomenon of gentrification in New York City.

In the play, a diverse array of residents – including an Italian deli owner, a Latina teenager, a gay yuppie activist, a hip-hop Deejay and an Asian nightclub owner – explain how a once Italian working-class community went from "crack to baguettes" in less than a decade.