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A Season of Change - The Second Annual Dreamscape Theatre Festival  | Open: 10/06/06 Close: 10/29/06
Like last year's festival, the 2006 season will feature three full-scale mainstage productions – Marisol by Jose Rivera, True West by Sam Shepard and the world premiere of Truce on Uranus by Mark Lindberg -- running on a rotating schedule. The company will also present a pair of staged readings, a special performance by the company's youth ensemble and a live taping of two all-new audio plays commissioned by the Dreamscape Theatre in order to celebrate Halloween 2006.

TRUCE ON URANUS is a hilarious world-premiere queer farce of "extra-terrestrial spiritual discovery".

Written in 1992 in response to pre-millennium jitters, MARISOL a surreal, prescient look at the world we live in today.

TRUE WEST, starring Zack Calhoon and Jordan Meadows, is a brutal, provocative American classic.

Hamlet  | Open: 05/27/05 Close: 06/15/05
The Bard's classic tragedy gets a fresh look in this environmental production, set in no particular time or place, emphasizing issues of politics and personal responsibility. Based on work of Jerzy Grotowski and some of the concepts of Anne Bogart, the show will be presented in the round with a cast of nine – many of whom play multiple roles.
Machinal  | Open: 05/26/05 Close: 06/19/05
A revival of Sophie Treadwell's 1928 drama about an ordinary woman pushed to the breaking point by the ever-increasing demands of society and where her only hope for peace of mind may be an act of violent desperation.

This production is an Equity Showcase

MACHINAL will be performed in repertory with Tiny Dynamite and Hamlet as part of Dreamscape Theatre's Season on the Edge

THE IMPROBABLE FALL, RISE & FALL OF JOHN LAW (PART 1)  | Open: 03/09/16 Close: 03/26/16
A new play about money (based on an unbelievable true story) by Matt Herzfeld, directed by Brad Raimondo. 

The Improbable Fall, Rise & Fall of John Law mixes swashbuckling adventure, absurdity, anachronism, and inventive theatricality to tell the unbelievable true story of the man who unleashed the world’s first financial bubble, market crash and currency crisis — all while shaping the global economy we know today. 

At the play’s center is John Law, whom historians have alternately described as a financial genius or a treacherous con-man.  The play follows John from his early days as a notorious London gambler forced into exile by a duel gone wrong through his greatest insight – the invention of paper currency – to his reign as France’s minister of finance.  Along the way it sheds light on the frightening and darkly comic resemblances between our modern financial system and the rigged tavern games of chance where John Law gained and lost his first fortune.

A diverse ensemble of 8 actors play more than 40 roles to bring the turbulent world of John Law vibrantly to life.  The role of John Law is played by Greg Carere (who won praise from the NY TimesStagelight and others for his leading role in 3-Legged Dog’s Downtown Loop in 2013 and whose recent credits include If You Can Get To Buffalo at Incubator Arts and Wide-Eyed Productions’ Dead Special Crabs).  The cast also includes Stephen James Anthony (War Horse at Lincoln Center and Dreamscape’s In Fields Where They Lay), Daryl Lathon (The Honeycomb Trilogy, Red Bull’s Revenger’s Tragedy & Dead Reckoning), Sara Thigpen (The Honeycomb Trilogy), Mackenzie Knapp, Fernando Gonzalez (The Odyssey Project at Invisible Dog Arts Center), Rosie Sowa (Dreamscape’s Whale Song or Learning to Live With Mobyphobia), and Aurea Tomeski (Tapefaces at ArsNova).

Playwright Matt Herzfeld has this to say about the inspiration behind the play: “When I first started reading about John Law, I was amazed by his complexities and contradictions and the scope of his life journey.  The play’s title is The Improbable Fall, Rise, and Fall of John Law because his life was like a roller coaster. I can’t think of anyone else in history who went from jail cell to celebrated national hero to detested con-man within such a short time.  John’s story speaks directly to so many issues we still face today: the volatility of the market, the foundation of our international banking system, the (often terrifying) relationship between probability and financial security.  It’s also a play about income inequality, the role of the state in preserving the public good, and the difficulties of bringing political change.”

The Commission  | Open: 08/11/07 Close: 08/25/07
The seduction of war. The casualties of passion.

Written in 1996 in response to reports of atrocities and mass rape being committed in the former Yugoslavia, THE COMMISSION is as relevant today as it was 11 years ago. Set in an unnamed foreign land, the play takes an unflinching look at the minefields of the bedroom as well as the fragments, both personal and political, left behind in the wake of a bloody civil war. The story spins backward in time (in the manner of the film "Memento") to reveal the interlocking lives of a young soldier named Ivan; Tulia, the fiancée he leaves behind; Paula, an American expatriate professor; and her lover Karl, a war crimes investigator with a hidden past.

Sarah Gurfield directs.

Playwright Steven Fechter's credits include THE MENTEE (Workshop Theatre Company), THE SCHIELE and THE LAST CIGARETTE (Lounge Theater, Los Angeles), which received a Critic's Choice by both the LA Weekly and Backstage-West in 2006. After a successful run at Raw Space, his play THE WOODSMAN was turned into a lauded film of the same name starring Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Benjamin Bratt, Mos Def and Eve. Richard Schickel of Time called it "one of the year's best ten films."

Tiny Dynamite  | Open: 05/28/05 Close: 06/18/05
A dysfunctional woman, fed up with how her life has turned out, decides one New Year's Day to kill herself next December 31st. Can she get her life in order and perhaps find a reason for living before time runs out? This world premiere has been described by author Lovejoy as "The Feel Bad Comedy Of The Year."

Presented by Dreamscape Theatre, in associate with the Legitimate Theatre Company

TINY DYNAMITE will be performed in repertory with Machinal and Hamlet as part of Dreamscape Theatre's Season on the Edge

WHALE SONG or: Learning to Live with Mobyphobia  | Open: 08/14/11 Close: 08/27/11
The Dreamscape Theatre(In Fields Where They Lay, The Burning Cities Project) is pleased to announce the world premiere production of WHALE SONG or: Learning to Live With Mobyphobia by Claire Kiechel, directed by Brad Raimondo (In Fields…) as part of the 15th annual New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC, August 12th-28th.


Only Maya Swan knows why Molly the whale is stranded in the Hudson River.  While millions of New Yorkers wonder in amazement, Maya knows Molly has come to deliver a message from her dead father (whose body was found sprawled nude on the back of a killer whale at Sea World).  But what is the message?  Is Molly here to help Maya get over her grief or to tempt her to follow in her father’s self-destructive footsteps?


WHALE SONG or: Learning to Live With Mobyphobiais the surreal and darkly comic story of Maya’s quest to answer these and other burning questions. Maya would probably have a much easier time coping, if only she could deal with her Mobyphobia.


The production will star Hollis Witherspoon (Eric Bland’s Emancipatory Politics), who returns to FringeNYC after her portrayal of Natasya in An Idiot, listed as a 2010 “Top Play” by NYCFringeGuide.com.  Ryan Feyk (The Diary of Anne Frankenstein) plays Maya’s almost-ex-boyfriend, Mark and Gavin Starr Kendall (Emancipatory Politics) is James, whose face Maya sees everywhere she looks.  The cast also features Rosie Sowa as the Reporter, Siri Hellerman as Maya’s concerned older sister Sarah and Jordan Smith as Shep the Drummer whose music may represent Maya’s only hope of blocking out the whale’s song.


The production will perform five times during the Festival at Venue #8: The First Floor Theatre at LaMama (74 East 4th Street).  The performance dates/times are as follows: SUN 8/14 @ 2:15pm; THU 8/18 @ 2pm; MON 8/22 @ 6pm; WED 8/24 @ 7pm; SAT 8/27 @ 9:30pm.


Tickets are $15-$18 and will be available online at www.FringeNYC.org or by calling 866-468-7619. Tickets may also be purchased in-person at FringeCentral or at the theatre 30 minutes prior to show time.


Running Time: 70 minutes


Website: www.dreamscapetheatre.org