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Co-op  | Open: 06/02/05 Close: 06/17/05
In the dark boiler room of HouseProud Towers -- a co-op on Manhattan's Upper West Side -- a boy is raised in secret. He is heir to a heroic legacy - to be president of the board. Rising to the challenge of his awesome responsibility, he leads a mighty crusade against evil, corruption, mildew, and poor building finances. His enemies are many: Trump-bewigged developers, spurned board members, and a gum-smacking, faithless wife. Will he conquer? Will HouseProud Towers survive?

Featured in the New York Times, May 29th, 2005. See reviews, below.

This musical farce is written and directed by John Cecil and produced by PraHaHa, who brought you last year's "Volcano." It features a cast of eight. For more information on the show and the cast, call 646-240-5732.

Epidemic of Fear  | Open: 06/02/06 Close: 06/10/06
Epidemic of Fear: The Influenzical

Politics meets pandemic in this satirical look at mass hysteria, media hype and government backlash.

On a tip from an attractive virologist, a reporter uncovers a batch of very bad chicken. Governor "Crackdown" Casey calls for mass arrests, the creation of the Wellness Island Detention Camp, "Flu Phones" for informants and a mysterious drug to quell the panic.

Is the threat truly deadly, or is this an Epidemic of Fear? This one-hour comedy features live music and free anti-viral vaccines.

For more information, visit, or call 917-306-9151