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Cowboy v. Samuari  | Open: 11/04/05 Close: 11/27/05
An adaptation of Edmond Rostand's classic romantic comedy, CYRANO de BERGERAC, set in the wilds of Breakneck, Wyoming -- performed by an Asian-American cast,

When a mysterious and beautiful Asian-American woman moves to Breakneck, Wyoming, everyone falls in love with her, the samurai, the cowboy, and especially Travis (COWBOY V. SAMURAI's Cyrano) - the Asian American teacher who doesn't stand a chance. In this romantic comedy love letters are sealed and bound, horses set ablaze and the history of the railroads are deconstructed all the while the hand of the fair maiden is at stake.

Ivanov  | Open: 05/20/05 Close: 06/08/05
IVANOV shows the struggles of a man fighting with his own depression as he embarks on an affair with a much younger woman after his wife dies. Ivanov looks to the younger woman to cure him of his emotional crisis, only to find out too late that she cannot save him.