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Julie  | Open: 06/09/05 Close: 06/25/05
In Julie, Andrea Arden explodes the classic Strindberg play about the dangerous affair between a Count's daughter and her father's valet into a treacherous game of survival of the fittest. Fusing digital video and live action, Julie confronts two people â€" fueled by lust and vulnerability â€" trapped inside a corrupted world and fighting for their lives. This fall, you've seen Nora, you've seen Hedda â€" don't miss this Julie!
The Waltz of Elementary Particles  | Open: 06/03/05 Close: 06/25/05
In The Waltz of Elementary Particles, Jessica Lanius directs and choreographs a cast of actors into a devastating and fragmented world consumed with video screens, instant gratification, and personal space. Lanius' physical interplay is a multi-media collage that combines the work of videographers Alexander Bruehl and Kristofer Updike, with the improvised music compositions of John LaSala.

Playing in repertory with Theatre Lila's JULIE.

Wrecked  | Open: 03/03/06 Close: 03/18/06
In Aeschylus' Oresteia, Father sacrifices Daughter to win the Trojan War – Mother avenges Daughter by killing Father – Son avenges Father by killing Mother – Son stands Trial before the High Court of Athens – The Question is: Does he Live or Die for his Crime? What Breaks the Cycle of Death? Created and directed by Andrea Arden, Wrecked explodes the story of the Oresteia into elliptical, fragmented episodes to create a kaleidoscopic journey of memories and images, confessions and confrontations, colliding and slamming this familiar tragedy on its head. Wrecked fuses elements of Greek mythology, German Expressionism, and burlesque, ricocheting between linguistic acrobatics and visual poetry. Set in a barren wasteland monitored by omnipresent yet always hidden cameras, Wrecked explores just how much we must suffer and bear the consequences of unrelenting cycles of violence before the world collapses upon itself. In Arden's production, private is public; truth is mysterious; and the Law is split wide open. THEATRE LÎLA burst onto the New York theater scene in 2005 with co-Artistic directors Jessica Lanius' The Waltz of Elementary Particles and Andrea Arden's Julie. Bryn Manion of OffOffOnline raved: "This is one of the best pieces of theater I have seen in five years."