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It's About Time  | Open: 04/21/05 Close: 05/14/05
Fusing text, movement, video installation, and electronic musical compositions, IT'S ABOUT TIME is a multimedia meditation on the obstacles that both block and lead one to discover true bliss.

IT'S ABOUT TIME centers on Bang, a young man who hates his job and his nonexistent love life. Tired of running through life blindly, Bang commits himself to the strict, dogmatic life strategies prescribed in a self-help program called "The Praxis of IT." He believes that IT is about time. That, IT is all he needs. If Bang can just master his schedule and accomplish the goals he sets for himself, he knows that he can perfect a plan for success. But can he devise a plan for happiness?

THE (re)CYCLE PLAYS  | Open: 09/15/07 Close: 09/15/07
Confluence Theatre Company gathers ecological sinners for THE (re)CYCLE PLAYS, a FREE festival of live performances with environmental themes at Socrates Sculpture Park along the Long Island City / Astoria waterfront. In Medieval "cycle plays," common guildsmen and craftsmen performed Biblical morality plays on mounted stages that were moved around the city streets on wagons. THE (re)CYCLE PLAYS revives this theatrical ritual with a series of short plays, dance pieces, musical performances, and special events. Reusing play titles such as The Fall, The Flood, and The Last Judgment from the original Cycle Plays, each performance focuses on ecological issues like peak oil, consumption, and food politics. This series of performances will cycle throughout the day. Three stage areas will be created from reusable, recycled, and sustainable materials and the crowd will be directed to the various stages. All electronics will be powered by bio-diesel.