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A Loss of Color  | Open: 04/28/05 Close: 05/07/05
Eric has news. Big news. He's gay. And he's coming home to tell his family. But his family steals the spotlight before he opens his mouth. His father has Alzheimer's. His younger brother is schizophrenic. And his mother? She's still Catholic.

Ford throws sharp relief, in his character sketches - painfully funny and painfully honest dialogue from the average Irish-American family in Pennsylvania who weather a profound tragedy.

It's a family tragedy told as a comedy seen through Eric's eyes.

And yet, in its own way, it is a play that offers us hope, that shows us that life does go on, no matter the horrible occurrences, or how joyful the celebrations.

A Loss of Color is a coming-out story unfolding in the midst of family tragedy. It also begs the question, 'If your brother killed your parents, would you still invite him to your commitment ceremony?'