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Coronado  | Open: 11/30/05 Close: 12/17/05
In a nameless bar somewhere in rural America, a young couple falls hopelessly in love, a psychiatric patient confronts her demons, and a father-and-son search for a missing woman -- and a stolen diamond. A searing depiction of the crimes we commit in the name of love, CORONADO takes us into the minds, memories, and hearts of this disparate group, revealing the bloody past that connects them all. Based on his short story "Until Gwen," CORONADO is Dennis Lehane's first piece written expressly for the stage. Originally published in the Atlantic Monthly, "Until Gwen" will also appear in Best American Short Stories 2005 and Best Mystery Short Stories 2005, the first time a story has been selected for both collections in the same year. For additional information, visit
Midnight  | Open: 08/10/05 Close: 08/27/05
Set in the 1950's atop the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Midnight revolves around an egomaniacal Hollywood director who is desperately trying to salvage his flagging career, while is long-suffering Girl Friday does her best to keep her temperamental boss unaware of just how precarious his situation is. To make matters worse, a humble writer from the Bronx breaks into their suite to avoid Jewish mobsters who require payment of a loan by midnight – or else. A British butler, doltish bellhops, a crass producer and his ditsy girl all converge on the scene in a farcical roundelay that is sure to put a smile on your face.
No Exit  | Open: 12/08/10 Close: 12/18/10
When three strangers find themselves condemned to eternity in a shared room in Hell, tensions flare and painful truths rise the the surface. The acclaimed Invisible City Theater Company brings their signature combination of raw emotion and elegant staging to Sartre's classic play.


Starring Alexander Cape, Tobin Ludwig, Cecelia Frontero, and Jenna Doolittle


Lighting Design by Joe W. Novak

Set Design by Ira Haskell

Stage Managed by Charles C. Casano

Produced by Rebecca L. Miller

The Cherry Orchard  | Open: 05/11/05 Close: 05/21/05
Madame Ranevskaya's treasured country estate is threatened with foreclosure, thanks to wildly overdue bills and a family living beyond its means. As the family and servants fail to grasp the severity of their situation, the merchant Lopakhin offers them their only salvation: to sell the cherry orchard they so love. A story of family, class, and the painful progress of time, The Cherry Orchard is a classic brought to vivid life in Jean-Claude van Itallie's brilliant