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Forest Blue  | Open: 04/28/05 Close: 05/01/05
FOREST BLUE: a place to bask in the sun, a place for childhood explorations, to fantasise, a place in the last hours of a life that ends and then keeps going.

On a secluded beach in Tasmania, two disturbed sisters, and a de-toxing boyfriend set up camp, and await the arrival of their dear friend Heather, a hiker already reported as missing. Girly, Sissy and Scotty have made little preparation for their excursion, lacking the rapport and equipment to function in this increasingly hostile environment.

Night falls, and Heather has not shown up. Meanwhile, Sissy has attracted the attention of James, a pornographer living in exile in a shack provided by his lawyer.

This transient group share sexual dysfunction, preoccupation with the past, a fear of the future, and become locked in an increasingly desperate attempt to find fulfilment in the