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All of Me  | Open: 07/31/08 Close: 08/02/08
The comedic one woman show is inspired by the writer/performer's life as an African American Woman struggling to fit in to preset notions of what an African American Woman should be. In 45 minutes, the audience meets 5 characters and journeys through 10 years of growth and finally acceptance, as Tanesha deftly weaves comedy with disturbing truths in this exciting and thought provoking show. All of Me includes poignant and hilarious characters such as Bonnie Ree, the 64 year mother who sits on the front porch making running commentaries on the decline of her neighborhood, and to Tanesha's own "experience" as a first-time member of the Support Group, "Welcome B.L.A.C.C" (Black League Against Caucasoid Characteristics). As America sits on the precipice of a monumental new feat with its first African American Presidential Nominee, the story of a little Black girl who just wants to be white becomes even more impactful.
Character Dogville: A Theatrical Comedy with Improvised Dialogue  | Open: 11/30/07 Close: 12/14/07
Inspired by the minimalism of Lars Von Trier's "Dogville" and the comedic realism of Christopher Guest, Character Dogville explores pre-developed characters and their developing relationships within two imaginary American towns using improvisation, costumes and makeup, live music, and lighting/sound effects.

The actors of each ensemble have developed three consistent characters in rehearsal ahead of time and may present any of the three on the night of the performance. The dialogue and musical accompaniment is completely improvised and the show structure unique, guaranteeing the show's individuality and freshness. Throughout the run, each performance reserves a wildcard slot for each town to introduce a new character - perhaps a wandering visitor or a previously unexplored dimension to town life.

MC² and The Proper Tease of Love  | Open: 09/08/05 Close: 09/29/05
Written & Performed by MC²'s Andrea Alton, Dewey Banks, Christina Casa, Robert Connor, Robin Gelfenbien, Joe Guercio, Todd Issac, Stacy Mayer and Phil Wedo.

A stream-of-consciousness sketch show about the hunt for the perfect mate. Or date. Or, at the very least, bait. Starring distressed people in impossible situations.

Manhattan Comedy Collective  | Open: 05/05/05 Close: 05/26/05
8:00pm - sketch: Freedumb
New sketch comedy show that explores how our moral values are shaping the future of the country. Ever wonder how cloning will affect us 20 years down the line? What if abortion clinics offered punch cards to repeat customers?

9:00pm - improv: Pajama Party Mother, a house team at the Upright Citizens Brigade, originally created this long-form improvisation, calling it "The Sleepover." Six improvisers instantly create characters based on audience suggestions, then weave the elements together in half an hour.

9:30pm - improv: Character Dog Run Watch six of New York's funniest original characters, developed by actors beforehand, as they improvise together based on audience suggestions.

New characters every week. Opens with a short film.

Manhattan Comedy Collective: Mc 2  | Open: 07/06/05 Close: 07/27/05
The Mighty AfroWhitey (aka Robin Gelfenbein) hosts the entire evening, intermittently singing her gripes about NYC's daily grind between performances.

7:00pm - play: Cat & Dick
Written by company member Andrea Alton, this original work explores life and love on the window ledge of a New York City office building. Directed by Stacy Mayer.

7:30pm - improv: Krompf
Krompfff (always spelled differently because it's a sound, not a word) presents an evening of improvised comedy.

8:00pm - characterprov: Character Dog Run
Watch six of New York's funniest original characters, developed by actors beforehand, as they improvise together based on audience suggestions. New characters every week. July 20th is a celebrity showcase. Opens with a short film by Cooter Shorts.

9:00pm - sketch: Cooter Shorts
A live sitcom. In this episode: Sue's carefully planned "just us" night with her talent scout-manager-fiancé Harrison Parker turns into anything but.

9:30pm - stand-up: Still Standing
Each month comics write new material based on a theme. In July, host AB Carney and her fellow stand-ups explore religion.

One admission price gets you into all shows. Come for just one, or stay for the entire evening.

Rick Murphy is an Asshole  | Open: 03/30/06 Close: 04/27/06
Starring comedian Rick Murphy, "Rick Murphy is an Asshole" is a "salute to the asshole," in sketch, video and song. Scripted by writers for Comedy Central, FuseTV, Mcsweeneys, and public radio's "Next Big Thing," it takes swipes at everyone from snobby waiters to US Army recruiters to TV talk show host Dr. Phil.
The Big Bang  | Open: 01/05/06 Close: 01/26/06
Three hours of original skits, improv, magic, puppetry and film -- and free booze! Hosted by magician, Richard Hess will introduce you to the impromptu personalities of Character Dog Run; sketch new comers LUNCH; short films by Filet O' Film creators, The Barrel Brothers; veteran improv puppeteer Josh Cohen and Tamra Malaga and the newest long form improvisation group, Kid Dervin. Join us for one segment or stay for them all!
The Big Bang  | Open: 02/02/06 Close: 03/23/06
Manhattan Comedy Collective's monthly showcase of the newest and hottest in underground improv, sketch comedy, standup and more.

February's lineup kicks off with Character Dog Run, a parade of six original characters who improvise stories based on audience suggestions, and ashort film by Big Bucket Head. Then its sketch comedy with Daddy Goes Bowling, and more improv with Dangerbox, ending the evening with solo shows by Leslie Meisel on Feb. 2 and 16 and Topping Haggerty on Feb. 9 and 23.

And in March, we've got Freestyle Love Supreme's critically acclaimed beatboxer, Shockwave, on the bill for a one-man show, as well as a fully improvised musical, fresh off its sold-out run with The New York Musical Theatre Festival.

There's also The Pearl Brunswick, a full-length musical that last played to sold-out crowds at the NYC Musical Theater Festival. Starring four women with powerhouse voices and live musical accompaniment, the show is fully improvised, based on an audience suggestion.

The evening also features long-form improv from Scatterbomb, an original play called Little Clown Blues, and the ongoing hit Character Dog Run, featuring six new characters and fresh improv every week.