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A Spalding Gray Matter  | Open: 05/27/05 Close: 06/11/05
This new play explores the curious story of Spalding Gray's illness, disappearance, and assumed suicide through the eerily parallel events of the author's own experience. Using the theatrical structure of Gray's Swimming to Cambodia, Michael seeks to understand what happened to Spalding Gray as a way of understanding what is happening to himself, and vice versa. The result is an intimate, confessional environment for a gripping story about the consequences of illness on the human psyche.
Bunnies, Part I  | Open: 05/26/05 Close: 06/11/05
"Bunnies, Part I" is the first installment of a two-part comedy based on the true story of Mary Toft, an English peasant woman who had her entire country convinced she was birthing rabbits.
Written largely in blank verse, the play reimagines a 1726 tabloid scandal in a postmodern world of superheroes and talking objects. "Part I" follows the struggles of Mary and John Howard, the small-town midwife who champions her cause despite his own ethical misgivings. As the farce escalates, the play confronts the consequences of our need to believe in something extraordinary.
breedingground productions is mounting "Bunnies, Part I" as their mainstage show at their Spring Fever Festival '05, which also features four other full productions, three readings, two short digital films, and visual art installations. For more information, go to
Spring Fever Festival 2005  | Open: 05/25/05 Close: 06/11/05
A three festival of independent performance, visual, and digital arts
Testify: Conversations in Congress  | Open: 04/14/06 Close: 04/15/06
Episode 3: Disclosing the Identity of an Intelligence Officer

TESTIFY: CONVERSATIONS IN CONGRESS is a reading series that dramatizes excerpts of congressional oversight hearings. Staged simply, each episode focuses on the human drama underlying the witness statements and Q & A exchanges, reveals startling facts that rarely receive the media coverage they deserve, and inspires debate on the issue of government accountability. The script for this, the third installment of TESTIFY, is drawn from a hearing investigating the consequences of outing a covert CIA operative.