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BeaconNY Productions - under Co-Artistic Directors Tara Falk and Timothy McCracken - is focused on providing a haven for all artists to continually risk and be fully supported in their life's work. They strive to humanize unfamiliar and familiar terrain, through bold stories by emerging and existing voices: helping to facilitate a world of understanding and compassion.

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Badge  | Open: 06/15/07 Close: 07/01/07
BADGE -- a 2006 semi-finalist for the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Conference -- is a new dark comedy by Matthew Schneck. Boy Scouts is the only refuge that keeps 28 year-old Roy (played by Greg McFadden, seen last season on Broadway in THE CAINE MUTINY COURT-MARTIAL opposite David Schwimmer) and his life together. It keeps it sane, and most importantly, keeps it the same. That is, until his Scout Master's uninhibited sister walks into his life, making him do very "unScoutlike" things. In this wild ride, things may finally change for Roy...maybe it's not a great time to go off the meds.
There's The Story  | Open: 05/06/05 Close: 05/22/05
THERE'S THE STORY is about a composer grappling with "writer's block", and the secrets that lie behind it. Unable to finish a piano composition for two years, Henry Griffiths hasn't left his Hell's Kitchen apartment in months. With compositions flying from his fingertips and the social life of a swinger, Curtis, Henry's fellow composer and roommate, couldn't be more opposite. One night, both men find themselves hurled into a world of chaos and competition when a stranger makes an unexpected and lasting impression that exposes the truth of a tragic loss that haunts all three.