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All My Sons  | Open: 05/13/10 Close: 05/23/10
Love Creek Productions continues its 25th Anniversary Season by presenting the play that established Arthur Miller as one of America’s foremost playwrights.  Based on a true story and set shortly after World War II, All My Sons is about love, honor, integrity, and the consequences of a clash between morality and war.  All My Sons looks at how far one will go to achieve material comfort and an improved social status through hard work and determination.  The play in essence presents the darker path of the drive to achieve the American Dream and the greed of wartime profiteering. With today’s national headlines of the wars in Iraqand Afghanistan, executives and financial officers of major corporations behind bars, and the financial collapse, All My Sons has a contemporary relevance for American audiences of today.  All My Sons shows us how an everyday “Joe” sacrifices his integrity for materialism, and how he confronts his morality in the face of desperation and parental responsibility.

BACK TO SCHOOL  | Open: 09/14/17 Close: 09/17/17
Two one act plays to complete your (re)education.

The evening begins with the Christopher Durang classic Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For

You.  Before there was Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike, before Betty's Summer Vacation or Beyond Therapy there was Sister Mary, the Nun who teaches grade school and explained how life works.  Here she gives her lessons to you and to her young student Thomas, who loves her, like all of Sister Mary's students. Four of them return to present the Christmas Pagent for Sister Mary but one of them has something else in mind.  Don't worry, I'm sure Sister Mary has something up her sleeve.

We complete the evening with The Lesson by Eugéne Ionesco. One of the greatest writers of the French Avant-garde, Rhinoceros, The Bald Soprano, we are pleased to present one of his early works. An absurd but terrifying private lesson in "New Spanish" and obedience unfolds as a student comes to the home of the Professor.  Slowly the position of power and authority devour the humanity and a grotesque lesson is learned.


Presented with a 10 minute intermission.

Love Creek Productions is one of NYC's oldest 'off-off' companies.  For over 35 years we have strived to produce exciting theater of both new and old plays to our audiences.  Made up of actors, writers, and directors we have been creating vibrant theater in NYC in tiny spaces.   

Dear Brutus  | Open: 07/08/11 Close: 07/17/11
Love Creek Productions presents Dear Brutus, a magical tale from the mind of J.M. Barrie, the author of "Peter Pan". What would you do with a second chance? On Midsummer's Eve, eight strangers enter an enchanted wood to see what might have been. As we learn from Shakespeare, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

Rebekah Berg
Matthew Thomas Burda
Tamara Cacchione
Nancy Elton
Matthew Fitzgerald
Daniel Lugo*
Teri Monahan*
Julia Morgantini
Erin Nelson
Kurt Roediger
Christopher Romero Wilson

*member of AEA

Frau Dracula  | Open: 10/28/10 Close: 11/07/10
With Al Smith, April Christine*, Bernard Cacchione, Chris Chirdon, Cynthia Granville*, David Cohen, Ellie Braverman, Eric Talon, Erika Creagh, Faith Sullivan, Ilana Kresch, Jes Bedwinek, John MacDonald, Julia Yarwood, Kelly Barrett, Kirsten Walsh, Krista Donargo, Kristen Carter, Lillian J. Small, Michelle Cronin, Pam Rickard*, Sara Ann Parker*, Sara Towber, Tara Maldonado

*Member of AEA

Frau Dracula is an eclectic updating of Bram Stoker’s classic, Dracula.  Borrowing liberally from 1930’s horror films, gender mirroring and a dash of steampunk esthetics, the show is a fun, sexy and wicked retelling of Dracula.  Set just before the beginning of WWII, Baroness Von Dracula, or as she prefers, Frau Dracula, is living in Prussia and she makes the journey to England to claim Lucian Seward as her own.    Standing in her way is Lucian’s fiancé Fredericka (Freddie) Harker and a Dutch Professor named Wilhelmina Van Helsing.   Aided by her helpers Olga and Helga and a group of seven deadlies, until recently a group of English school girls, Dracula has brought an army to bear on Dr. Seward’s sanatorium.

Miss Julie  | Open: 04/08/10 Close: 04/18/10
Lust, Class, and the Battle of the Sexes.  In it's 25th Anniversary Season, Love Creek Productions presents Strindberg's definitive classic of the Naturalistic genre of theatre. 

Modern Love  | Open: 02/14/14 Close: 02/16/14
An evening of one act plays by local playwrights.

The Power and the Glory
by Le Willhelm directed by Moshe Goodman
with Cathy Prince* and Stephanie Hepner

Black Pearls and Promises
by W. LaBier Jones Directed By Terry Helin
with Katherine Guenther and Gary Sugai

Death By Peanut Butter
Written and directed by: Gregory Cioffi*
With: Grace Lee and Moshe Goodman

He Gives Good Fonts
Written and directed by Arthur French III
with Anastacia Tucker and Robert Wright

Don Juan Vs. Venus
By Michael Andrews Directed by Robert Wright
with Michael Andrews and Amanda Szymczak

Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass
Written and directed by Moshe Goodman
with Albert Baker and Taylor Rynski

*member of AEA


February 14th 8
February 15th 3 & 8
February 16th 7

Tickets $18
Reserve seats via email
Producers Club Theatres 358 W 44th NYC, NY

Period Of Adjustment  | Open: 01/12/12 Close: 01/15/12
A COMEDY by Tennessee Williams!                           

The Tennessee Williams centennial celebration continues with this production of a lesser known gem of a play, Period of Adjustment, by the great American playwright that has warmth, wisdom, and hilarious good humor!  This production is presented by Love Creek Productions, currently in its 26th year as one of New York's most acclaimed and prolific Off-Off Broadway companies, and in association with TimeSpace Theatre Company.

Period of Adjustment tells the story of two marriages at points of acute crisis.  One couple has just broken up after five years together.  The other has not been able to come to terms in one day of wedlock.  Both couples are going through a ‘period of adjustment,’ and the phrase is tinged with irony. The play examines the sources of the crisis.  Ralph Bates, a former war hero, has in-law trouble.  George Haverstick, a war buddy who unexpectedly visits Ralph on Christmas Eve with his bride of one day, has the shakes. But, as it is a comedy, the end is a happy one!

Featuring: Alan Bordelon, Kira Borrowdale, Paul Casali, Carl Gibson, Mary Jane Gocher, Faith Sullivan, David Wetter, and Kamaria Williams

Small Craft Warnings  | Open: 06/12/08 Close: 06/29/08
Tennessee Williams' seldom-seen kaleidoscope of loneliness, directed by Le Wilhelm through June.
Sunday On The Rocks  | Open: 02/21/14 Close: 03/02/14
Love Creek Productions presents
Sunday on the Rocks by Theresa Rebeck

On a beautiful Sunday morning decide to have scotch for breakfast in this play the author of Spike Heels, The Family of Mann and Loose Knit.   Elly is pregnant and is considering an abortion, Jen is being harassed by a co worker who is obsessed with her and Gayle is just feeling a bit lost.  Their problems are compounded by a fourth roommate, Jessica, a religious young woman who has little compassion for their confused attempts to make sense of life in the nineties.  As they drink, joke and argue, it becomes clear how difficult it is to make a moral decision in an increasingly complex world.

Love Creek Productions is New York's longest running 'off-off' productions company. It has been producing plays, both original and published in NYC for over 29 years.  

Tartuffe  | Open: 03/25/10 Close: 04/03/10
As part of its 25th Anniversary Season, Love Creek Productions presents Tartuffe, Moliere’s classic masterpiece of comedy

Shawn Michial Madsen directs a traditional, yet fresh production of Moliere's famous romp, where a family suffers at the hands of a bible thumping swindler who has bamboozled the master of the house.  

Featuring: Kathleen Boddington, Kira Borrowdale, Paul Casali, Daniel Lugo, Stuart Mercer, Barbara Miluski, Kyle Monroe, John Naughton, Melissa Patterson, Ryan Victor Pierce Brian Reilly, and Taliesen Rose

The Seagull  | Open: 05/10/07 Close: 05/20/07
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"A young girl grows up on a lake. A man happens by, sees her, and, having nothing else to do, destroys her." The Seagull. A comedy - Russian style.

The Taming of the Shrew  | Open: 04/14/05 Close: 04/24/05
Shakespeare's comic battle of the sexes
Wincing At The Light  | Open: 02/24/10 Close: 02/27/10
When a professional hockey team comes calling, Ben has to celebrate.  His zealous festivities leave him with an upset girlfriend, a lovelorn best friend, an underappreciated teammate, and an ankle device monitoring his movements to a probation officer.  As their final playoff game approaches, Ben not-so-deftly navigates the temptations that could potentially undercut his future and leave him with all or nothing.  Wincing at the Light is a comedic portrayal of what can happen when loyalty, friendship, and love are forced to face off to decide the true winner.

Directed by Gretchen Ferris